How To Translate NotificationX With Multilingual Translation Plugin WPML?

NotificationX offers you complete compatibility with the most popular WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin WPML. It allows you to translate NotificationX user interface content into any language and apply it to your multi-language website. 

How To Translate NotificationX With WPML? #

Follow this step-by-step guide below to translate NotificationX user interface and strings with WPML.

Step 1: Setup Your WPML Plugin On WordPress #

To translate NotificationX with WPML, first, install and activate the following plugins on your WordPress site; WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation. For more information, you can check out this WPML doc to configure it on your WordPress site.

Step 2: Configure Themes & Plugins Localization Settings #

Now you need to navigate to WPML → Themes & Plugins Localization and go to the section called ‘Strings in the plugins’. Tick the checkboxes beside NotificationX and NotificationX PRO plugins. Click on ‘Scan Selected Plugins For Strings’ that will immediately scan all the strings that you can translate into another language.

Multilungual translation plugin WPML

How To Translate Your Admin Interface Strings Using WPML?  #

After you have scanned all your strings on your plugin, now you can navigate to WPML → String Translation to translate any string you want. You can search for the string you want to translate. This can be any string from the user interface.

multilingual translation plugin

By clicking on the+ icon you can choose the language you want to translate the string to. After that, you can manually put the translation to the text. 

For example, for this doc, we are translating  NotificationX strings to the German language. Hit the+ icon and write the translated version of the string in the input field. You can save the translation by pressing the enter button. 

multilingual translation plugin WPML

Finally, you can go to NotificationX interface and check the translated string from the dashboard.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

If you want to translate NotificationX input fields, just make sure to choose the “admin_texts_notificationx” domain from WPML -> String Translation and simply follow the same process mentioned above.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

How To Translate Notification Alerts By NotificationX?  #

Simply navigate to NotificationX→All NotificationX from your WordPress Dashboard and you will find the translate icon beside the notification type you have created. By clicking on this icon you can translate the string as you want.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

A new window will be shown, called ‘String Translation’ where you will find the string you want to translate. Click on the ‘+’ button to add a translation for the string.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

Now, to translate NotificationX, you can click on the ‘+’ icon to translate the string and paste your translated text in the box. Click ‘Enter’ to apply the translation. Your translation has been successfully saved.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

Now go to the live site and scroll down to see all the languages you have set to translate. For this documentation, we translated the ‘Comment’ alert into the German language. Click on the language icon and your comment alert will be translated automatically.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

How To Translate Notification Bar Built With Elementor? #

If you have already created a notification bar using Elementor, you can translate it as well. Navigate to NotificationX → All NotificationX from your WordPress dashboard and click on the translate icon. From the new window select the notification bar and click on the “Add selected content to translate basket” button.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

You will be taken to a new window. From here, click on the ‘Send all items for translation’ button.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

After the page loads completely, click on the ‘WPML -> Translation Queue’ link. Translation queue page will appear and all your strings will be shown to be translated. Click on the ‘Take and Translate’ button beside any string.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

After you have selected the string to translate, it will take you to the ‘Advanced Translation Editor’ page. Hit the ‘Click to edit Translation’ button beside any string and paste the translation. Click on the green check button from above to save the translation.

multilingual translation plugin WPML

Click on the ‘Complete’ button from below and save your settings. Go to your live website and change the language. Your NotificationX bar built with Elementor will be successfully translated.

Multilingual translation plugin WPML

Now if you go to your live site, you can see the translation of the notification bar easily by switching the language using the multilingual translation plugin WPML with NotificationX

This is how easily you can translate NotificationX interface, comments and notification bar using WPML plugin.

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