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Sales Notification Alert

Show real-time client activity and display recent purchases as a notification popup.


Growth Alert

Inform customers about product low stocks to create FOMO & take action quickly.


Reviews Alert

Grab users’ attention & enhance business credibility by showing reviews left by the customers.


eLearning Alert

Display course enrollment alerts on your website to convert more customers with pop-up notifications.


Contact Form

Boost sales with real-time form submission popups & influence visitors to submit forms.


Email Subscription Alert

Influence subscribers by displaying the activity of your recent subscription list & generate more leads.


Download Count Alert

Gain user trust by displaying your WordPress.org plugin and theme’s latest download stats and reviews.


Comments Notification

Display the most recent blog comments posted by users & build greater trust among visitors.


Notification Bar

Display the most recent special offers, discounts, or announcements with an eye-catchy Notification bar.


Page Analytics

Connect, track, and report website traffic from site activities to increase conversion rate with live detailed data.


Donation Alert

Highlight recent donations and display live customer donations on the website to increase your donation rates.


Custom Notifications

Create FOMO teasers through custom notification alerts & add a personalized message to each notification.

Best Marketing Solution For WordPress Platform

Growth Alert

Display Growth Alerts for WooCommerce, LearnDash, and Tutor LMS platform etc.

Cross Domain Notice

Showcase single, multiple, or all NotificationX live alerts from one website to any type of website.

Global Queue Management

Showcase single, multiple, or all NotificationX live alerts from one website to any type of website.

UTM Control

Track & evaluate campaign performance by setting up default UTM control.


Display any alert using custom shortcodes and become more flexible.

Evergreen Timer

Create an eye-catching notification bar with a dynamic timer to showcase exclusive promotional offers.

Role Management

Assist users in assigning single or multiple roles to any of your WordPress site users outstandingly.

In-Built Analytics

Monitor & evaluate user interactions to double website traffic & conversion rate.

Random Order

Increase credibility & conversion by simply randomizing all social proof alerts with a single click.

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