Learn about the ‘Customize’ Tab in NotificationX

NotificationX Builder comes with the ‘Customize’ option to let you style the Appearance, set your preferred timing for your popup notification on your WordPress website. Let’s follow the guidelines to learn how to use ‘Customize’ tab in NotificationX:

Step 1: You will find the ‘Customize’ tab by navigating to your WordPress Dashboard -> NotificationX -> NotificationX Builder -> Customize.

Step 2: ‘Customize’ tab has four separate sections: Appearance, Timing, Behavior & Sound Settings. From the ‘Appearance’ section, you can set the position where you want to display your notification alert. Besides, you can control the size of your notification alert. Moreover, you can hide or display the ‘Close’ button. If you want, you can hide the notification alert for mobile devices too.

From ‘Timing’ section, you also have the freedom to set ‘Initial Delay’, ‘Auto Hide’ & ‘Hide After’ options as per your preference from the ‘Timing’ section. ‘Behaviour’ section gives you the control to allow notification alert to open in a new window or a new tab.

On the other hand, you can enable ‘Sound’ for your notification alert from top of the settings option. ‘Sound Settings’ section allows you to pick a sound notification for your & control its Volume as well.

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