How To Configure NotificationX Inline Notification?

NotificationX Pro allows you to display Inline Notification alerts for WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads platform. It helps you to show up these two platforms’ product sales count and configure the template the way you want. 

Check out the guideline to see how to configure NotificationX Inline Notification alert and make your live notifications standout below:

Step 1: Go To ‘All NotificationX’ Dashboard #

Make sure you have installed & activated NotificationX Pro plugin on your WordPress website. If you have already done it, you are then all ready to configure this NotificationX Inline Notification alert. 

First, navigate to NotificationX → All NotificationX dashboard. 

NotificationX Inline Notification

Step 2: Pick Inline Notification Type & Source #

Afterward, configure your NotificationX live notification ‘Source’ tab. Here we will pick Notification Type → Inline Notification and Source → WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. For this documentation, we will choose ‘WooCommerce’ as our source. 

NotificationX Inline Notification

Step 3: Configure Design & Content Tab  #

From the ‘Design’ tab, choose the ready ‘Inline Notification’ template and hit the ‘Next’ button. 

NotificationX Inline Notification
Afterward navigate to the ‘Content’ tab to customize the content of your sales count notification, choose product title, or can set up the period of your notification. 

NotificationX Inline Notification

As you are using NotificationX Pro, if you want, you can configure the ‘Advance Template’ option to make your inline notification even more interactive. Here sales count notification is configured. 

Therefore, you can easily set the time with {{7days}} tag or others to let visitors know these purchases are “in the last 7 days” or use other variables. Check out this linked doc here to know all details about NotificationX Advanced Template

NotificationX Inline Notification

Besides, you can configure which type of product purchase you want to display, exclude any type and change order status accordingly. 

Note: By default ‘Processing’ & ‘Completed’ status is being selected for any NotificationX Inline Notification. 

NotificationX Inline Notification

Moreover, you will get the freedom to choose your inline notification locations according to your customer purchasing status. Like here ‘Single Product Page’ and ‘Shop Product Page After Product Title’ locations are chosen. You can choose from other available options as per your preference.  

NotificationX Inline Notification


This whole NotificationX Inline Notification configuration process is the same for Easy Digital Downloads platform. Just you need to pick the ‘Source’ and configure it accordingly. 

Another thing is you can use NotificationX Inline Notification Shortcode to visualize your WooCommerce, EDD, or other platform sales notifications anywhere on your WordPress site. 

NotificationX Inline Notification

Final Outcome #

By following these mentioned steps and a bit more modifying, this is how you can configure NotificationX Inline Notification options using NotificationX Pro

NotificationX Inline Notification

That’s it! This is how easily you can configure the NotificationX Inline Notification option to design your live notifications more interactively. 

Getting Stuck? If you face any issues, you can contact our Support Team.

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