How To Set Up Random Order With NotificationX?

NotificationX Pro lets you manage your live multiple notification pop-ups randomly on your WordPress website using this ‘Random Order’ option. It can help you display different types of notification alerts without having to worry about setting up their timing or anything else. This random order option can automatically show your thousands of notifications in a random process.

Check out the guideline below to see how to set up this Random Order option with NotificationX:

Step 1: Open Up Any of NotificationX Alerts #

Đầu tiên, hãy truy cập WordPress Dashboard NotificationX → All NotificationX. There you can choose any of your notifications or create a new one if you are a beginner. Take a look at this doc to create a sales notification with NotificationX as a guide.  

Set Up Random Order NotificationX

Step 2: Enable Random Order  #

Afterward, navigate to your opened popup notification Nội dung Random Order option. And select the checkbox to enable showing your notifications on a random process. 

Ghi chú: Make sure to enable this ‘Random Order’ option for each of your NotificationX popup notifications if you want to use this feature for every notification type. 

Set Up Random Order NotificationX 

Kết quả cuối cùng #

By following these mentioned steps and a bot of modifications, you can easily set up random orders for any or all of your NotificationX live popups.

Random Order NotificationX

That’s how quickly and easily you can set up the ‘Random Order’ tính năng của NotificationX for your WordPress website and save your time to maintain a queue for each popup alert. 

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