NotificationX Builder gives you the freedom to choose a Type of Notification Alert which you want to display on your WordPress website. Let’s follow the below guidelines to learn how to use 'ソース' NotificationXのタブ:

ステップ1: First of all, go to your WordPressダッシュボード に移動します wp-admin-> NotificationX-> NotificationX Builder. Afterward, Simply click on the 'ソース' タブ。

notification alert

ステップ2: Once you are in the 'ソース' tab, you can go ahead & pick up your preferred ‘Notification Type’. Based on the type you choose, define the 'ソース' for your notification alert and you will be all set to go.

notification alert

This is how based on your sources, you can display different types of notification alerts on your WordPress site.

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