Learn About The ‘Source’ Tab In NotificationX

NotificationX Builder gives you the freedom to choose the type of notification alert which you want to display on your WordPress website along with the source of that particular alert.

Let’s follow the below guidelines to learn how to use the ‘Source’ NotificationX中的标签:

Step 1: Create A New Notification Alert #

首先,去你的 WordPress资讯主页 并导航到 wp-admin-> NotificationX-> NotificationX Builder. Or, directly click on the ‘Add New’ option from the side panel of our WordPress dashboard as shown with an arrow below.


Step 2: Select A Notification Source #

Afterward, you can go ahead & pick up your preferred “通知类型”。根据您选择的类型,定义 '资源' 为您的通知警报,您将全部准备就绪。


This is how, based on your sources, you can display different types of notification alerts on your WordPress site.

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