How To Display WordPress Plugin ‘Download Stats’ Using NotificationX?

NotificationX,您可以显示 WordPress plugin or themes Downloads stats to easily add credibility for your visitors and encourage them to complete the purchase. You can design an awesome Download Stats notification popup on your WordPress website to keep everyone engaged.

How To Display WordPress Plugin ‘Download Stats’ Using NotificationX? #

步骤1: 转到WordPress仪表板并导航至 wp-admin-> NotificationX-> NotificationX。然后在顶部,单击 '添新'.Download stats

第2步: 完成第1步后,您将被重定向到 '资源' NotificationX的标签页。您还可以放置标题。使用下拉菜单选择 “下载统计信息” as your Notification type and pick ‘WordPress’ as a popup type. Then click on the '下一个' 按钮。

Download stats

第三步: 来自 '设计' 标签,您可以选择一种布局,还可以灵活地使用 “高级设计” 根据您的喜好自定义它的选项。来自 '主题' 部分,选择的布局是 ‘Download Stats’ notification will be displayed on your website.

您可以通过以下方式自定义主题来修改所选主题: “高级设计” option. From this section, you will be able to easily add styling to your design, image appearance, and typography. You can add Background or Text color for the notification popup. Besides, you can also add a Border and add styling to it.

“图像外观” section lets you change the ‘Image Shape’ to out of these three: Rounded, Circle & Square. You can also use the drop-down menu ‘Position’ to change the position of the image: Left or Right. Download Stats popup consists of Three rows. From the “版式” 部分,您也可以更改每行的字体大小。Download stats

第四步: 然后,您将被重定向到 '内容' 您可以在其中修改您的标签 “通知模板” and add your preferred content text. From here, you have the freedom to choose a ‘Product Type’. Then, you can just go ahead and add the slug of your Product whose downloads stats you want to display. For instance, if the plugin URL is like this: ‘’ and then, the slug would be ‘sample-plugin’.

此外,NotificationX提供 “通知模板” 为您的内容。您可以轻松地继续并选择您喜欢的变量。这些变量有助于显示在某一天下载的WordPress插件的名称。此外,您还可以添加自己的文本,这些文本将显示在通知弹出窗口中。

Download stats

步骤5: You can select display image from this panel. Tick on the image field to showcase the image. You can choose from preset default images of upload one. 

来自 '能见度' 在“显示”标签的“部分”中,您可以设置要显示“下载统计信息”通知的页面。您还可以选择根据某些用户角色来限制通知弹出窗口:“始终”,“登录”和“注销”。

默认, “展示” is set to “无处不在” as a result the Download Stats notification will be displayed on every single page of your website. After you click on the '下一个' 按钮,您将被重定向到 '定制' 标签。

Download stats

步骤6: 在下面 '定制' 标签,您会发现三个独立的部分:外观,时间和行为。来自 '出现' section, you can set the position where you want to display the Download Stats notification and use the checkbox to disable/enable “关闭按钮” ‘Hide on Mobile’ options.

You can set the position for the Download Stats popup to either at the Bottom Left or Bottom Right side of your website. You can also show a “关闭按钮” which can be clicked to close the Download Stats popup. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to hide the “下载统计信息” popup for mobile devices if you want to as well.

‘Queue Management’ section you can activate the global queue system for this notification. That time you won’t need to edit the timing section for the notification. In The Time section, you have the freedom to set time for ‘Initial’, ‘Display For’ & ‘Delay Between’ options as per your preference from the ‘Timing’ section. You can set an initial time after which your “下载统计信息” 通知将弹出。默认情况下,它设置为5秒。

You can also set a time limit for how long you want each notification popup to be displayed by modifying the ‘Display For’ field. To choose a time interval between two notifications of Download Stats, simply set the time in the “之间显示” field.

来自 '行为' section, you can choose to display the number Download Stats made for certain past days. By checking the ‘Loop Notification’ box, the notification popup will keep on displaying. You can disable this as well.

Download stats

步骤7: 完成第6步后,请点击 '发布' 按钮。结果, ‘Download Stats’ 弹出窗口将被成功创建。通过遵循上述步骤以及更多的修改和样式,最终结果将类似于以下内容。


这样一来,您可以使用NotificationX在WordPress网站上轻松设计并显示一个吸引人的Download Stats弹出窗口。如果您遇到任何问题,可以联系我们的支持团队 这里.


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