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Cara Merangka Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor & NotificationX

NotificationX allows you to design stunning Notification Bars by using the Elementor page builder. With the introduction of Elementor integration, you will have the flexibility to choose and customize beautifully designed ready-made Elemetor templates on your WordPress website for free. You can display your latest sales, discounts, or urgent announcements amazingly on the website to influence your potential customers to buy your products or take your services.  Check out the below guideline to see how to configure the ‘Notification bar with Elementor’ menggunakan NotificationX:

Step 1: Create A Notification Bar #

Pertama sekali, Pergi ke Papan Pemuka WordPress anda dan arahkan ke wp-admin ->NotificationX -> All NotificationX. Kemudian dari kanan, klik 'Tambah Baru'.Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

After you are done, you will get redirected to the 'Sumber' Tab page of your NotificationX. Use the drop-down menu to choose  'Bar Pemberitahuan' sebagai jenis Sumber anda. Kemudian klik pada butang 'Next'.Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

Step 2: Configure The Design Section #

Daripada 'Reka Bentuk' tab, you will find the ‘Build with Elementor’ option. Simply by clicking on it, you will find the all pre-made layouts for your Notification Bar.  Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

After choosing your preferred template, simply go ahead & hit the ‘Import’ butang.Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

Afterward, hit the 'Seterusnya' button that will redirect you to the 'Paparan' section of your Notification Bar. You can now configure its settings to choose the location of your site where you want to display your notification bar. Afterward, simply configure the settings from the 'Sesuaikan' tab and hit on the 'Menerbitkan' butang.Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

Once you are done with the previous steps, you will be automatically redirected to the Elementor editor. Afterward, you can design and customize the Notification Bar section any way you want with your preferred styling options. Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

If you want, you can add new Elementor widgets and customize the design as per your preference.Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

Besides, Notification Bar with Elementor comes with two more ready layouts to configure and showcase the GDPR Cookie Consent bar on your Elementor site.  Check out this documentation on GDPR Cookie Consent Bar to know in detail.   

Hasil Akhir #

By following these mentioned steps and a bit more modifying, this is how your Notification Bar with Elementor will appear on your WordPress website. For more information on how to configure the notification bar, you can check out the detailed documentation di sini.Bar Pemberitahuan Dengan Elementor

With the help of NotificationX, this is how you can easily create and design stunning Notification Bars with Elementor & increase your conversion in the process.

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