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Converting Prospects to Customers: Barn2's Success Story with NotificationX

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Barn2 is a United Kingdom-based plugin company. They build high-quality WordPress and WooCommerce plugins to help people succeed in creating advanced WordPress websites. They are the team behind popular and useful plugins like Fast Cart, EU VAT, and Quantity Manager.
Team Barn2 wanted to improve its conversion rates with FOMO marketing tactics. And NotificationX, the ultimate FOMO marketing tool for WordPress, helped them to create campaigns that resulted in massive success.
Katie Keith - Barn2 Plugins

Katie Keith

Co-Founder & CEO at Barn2

500,000+ Total Views

Team Barn2 added a notification popup on their WooCommerce Product Options page and got 545.1K+ views. This means NotifctiaonX worked as planned.

‘’Most FOMO plugins are pretty basic and NotificationX had extra features that we didn’t find in any other plugin. For example, we didn’t just want to display a popup saying that a particular individual had just bought our plugin. We wanted to also show the number of sales, the number of people currently visiting our site, and show different notifications on different pages to ensure that they are relevant to the product that people are viewing. NotificationX had all this, and more.’’

Improving Conversion Rates & Business Growth  

When you own a business, increasing the growth of the venture is always going to be the main goal, but also probably one of the most difficult tasks you’re going to face. Businesses try to make various marketing plans and execute them successfully to reach their desired growths. For Barn2, a WordPress-based software company, converting website visitors into customers is their main objective to accelerate growth.
Special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others are extremely important times for companies like Barn2 to boost sales and conversions. Customers usually wait for such instances to buy the software they need at a massive discount. So, it’s times like these when software companies try to make as many sales as they can.
Right before Black Friday 2022 commenced, Barn2 was preparing to boost its conversion rates for the upcoming biggest sales season of the year. They wanted to capitalize on the visitors they will have around that time and convert them into valued customers. However, improving the conversion rate is one of the most difficult tasks that digital marketers need to tackle, and solutions can be hard to implement.

‘’Black Friday was coming up, and we wanted to add some psychological tactics to improve conversions on our website. It's hard to use tactics such as scarcity with digital products like WordPress plugins, so we decided to tap into people's fear of missing out (FOMO) instead. Having consulted with other plugin company owners, we decided to install a FOMO popups plugin and measure the results.’’

This time, team Barn2 wanted to add some psychological marketing tactics like creating a sense of scarcity or fear of missing out tactics on their website to boost their conversion rate. However, with digital products like WordPress plugins, incorporating such strategies can be difficult. And so, team Barn2 needed something that could help them to implement their plans and put the tactics into action. 

FOMO Popup Plugin With Extra Functionalities

After consulting with other plugin companies, Barn2 chose to go for Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO) marketing strategies. However, Barn2 didn’t just want to display a popup notification or alert stating someone just brought their plugin. They wanted to add other advanced features to the popups – display the number of sales and the number of people currently visiting their site – to put in the extra boost of weight. Also, they wanted to show different notifications on different pages to ensure that they were relevant to the product that people were viewing and were creating the right hype.
Team Bran2 googled ‘Best WordPress FOMO plugins’ and found NotificationX. While most of the FOMO plugins offer pretty basic features, NotificationX added extra functionalities that were crafted with utmost professionalism. They were impressed by all the features that NotificationX comes with and believed it could be the perfect tool to solve their problem. And soon after, they added NotificationX to their website and added FOMO popups on their website.

Direct Sales With Subconscious FOMO Effect

Barn2 Co-Founder and CEO, Katie Keith has tracked the impact of using NotificationX on the website by tracking how many people make a complete purchase of their plugins after clicking on a link in the FOMO popups. The notification popups from NotificationX contained UTM codes that anybody can track in Google Analytics. Amazingly, Barn2 got 11 direct sales from people clicking on these links – which they think is incredible given that FOMO popups are designed to have an unconscious effect and aren’t meant to be clicked on.

I can't compare the conversion rate before and after because of the changes that would have taken place anyway during the Black Friday sale, and other improvements we made to our website. Instead, I have tracked the impact of NotificationX by seeing how many people buy a plugin after clicking on a link in the FOMO popups, which contain UTM codes which we can track in Google Analytics. Amazingly, we have tracked 11 sales from people clicking on these links - which I think is incredible given that FOMO popups are designed to have an unconscious effect and aren't meant to be clicked on!

In addition to that, team Barn2 got more than 545.1K+ views and 379+ clicks on the notification alert within six months. Anybody can track these data from the NotificationX dashboard and monitor the performance of notification alerts in real time. These statistics show the impact that NotificationX has created on the Bran2 WooCommerce product options page. In short, the popup alert that team Bran2 added helped them to make direct sales and increase their website engagement. 

Words Of Wisdom From Team Barn2 For The Potential NotificationX Users

‘’Don't just set up a basic popup saying "Joe Bloggs just bought [product-name]". Instead, look at all of NotificationX's impressive features and carefully consider what types of popup will most appeal to your users. Also think carefully about factors such as what time period to show sales for, and other logic that you can use to fine-tune the popups. This will help you to get maximum input from the plugin. Also feel free to reach out to their support team for advice - I did this a few times to get the plugin working exactly how I wanted, and the support was excellent.’’

Katie Keith - Barn2 Plugins
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