NotificationX তে 'প্রদর্শন' ট্যাব সম্পর্কে জানুন

NotificationX Builder gives you complete control over how you want your Notification Alert to appear over the site. Let’s follow the below guidelines to learn how to use 'প্রদর্শন' NotificationX এ ট্যাব:

ধাপ 1:  First of all, go to your ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস ড্যাশবোর্ড এবং নেভিগেট করুন wp-admin -> NotificationX -> NotificationX बिल्डर। আপনার পছন্দসই 'বিজ্ঞপ্তি টাইপ' বাছাইয়ের পরে 'উৎস' option and other configurations, make sure to click on the 'প্রদর্শন' ট্যাব

ধাপ ২: You will find two separate sections in the 'প্রদর্শন' tab: Image & Visibility. If you want, you can show a default image for users. In the meantime, enable the ‘Show Gravatar’ option, if you want to display the user gravatar in your notification alerts.

Moreover, you can control where you want the notification alert to be shown. You can even specify the pages where you want it to display or even hide from. Besides, you are able to display notification popups based on user roles as well.

You will be able to choose among all those controls –

1. Front Page
2. Blog Page
3. All Posts, Pages & Custom Post Type
4. All Posts
5. All Pages
6. All Attachments
7. Search Pages
8. 404 Error Pages
9. All Archives
10. All Category Archives
11. All Tag Archives
12. Custom Post or Page IDs


This is how you can have control over your notification popup by setting up when, where, and for whom to show it using the 'প্রদর্শন' tab in NotificationX.

আটকে গেছি? আমাদের সাথে নির্দ্বিধায় যোগাযোগ করুন উত্সর্গীকৃত সমর্থন দল.


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