Case Study: How Emilio Johann

Got 1.4M+ Views with NotificationX Sales Alert

NotificationX assisted Emilio Johann in implementing the FOMO marketing strategy on WordPress. He received over a million views for the sale notification alert on one client’s website.
Emilio Johann


Implementing FOMO marketing strategy on an eCommerce website


Using the Sales Popup Alert from the NotificationX plugin


Increased website engagement & boosted business growth

Emilio Johann

Website Type: eCommerce

Plugin: NotificationX Free

Notification Type: Sale Notification

Emilio Johann

A business growth specialist who helps eCommerce websites ensure online presence with his digital marketing strategies and search engine optimization. He has a track record of helping companies boost their earnings from $0 to $10,000 a month on average. He loves NotificationX and uses it to enhance marketing campaigns. And he noticed up to 100% growth while using this FOMO marketing solution.


Implementing FOMO Marketing Strategy On WordPress Websites

FOMO (মিস করার ভয়) marketing strategy is widely used in the eCommerce industry. It is a phenomenal tactic of using the psychological aspect of Urgency, Scarcity, and Social Proof to get more conversions rate, drive sales, and achieve business goals. Besides, this marketing tactic can help you to encourage your potential customers to take action.
Emilio Johann

“I was interested in a FOMO plugin for my clients' websites.”

Emilio Johann
For Emilio Johann, the challenge was implementing this brilliant marketing strategy on his client’s website. On eCommerce websites, applying the FOMO marketing tactic is a proven way to boost growth. He believed it could help to boost his marketing campaigns and increase the growth for clients; therefore, he wanted to give it a try on his client’s websites.


Real-Time Sales Popup Alert From NotificationX

To execute the plan, Emilio Johann was looking for a FOMO marketing solution in the WordPress repository. If a WordPress plugin is there for you to power up your website, then you don’t have to code and build something on your own to solve any issue. And Emilio Johann found NotificationX, the Social Proof & FOMO Marketing Solution from there.
NotificationX helps create more than 10 types of campaigns including Sales Notifications, Download Stats, Notification Bars, Reviews, and Email Subscriptions. Besides, it integrates with 16+ popular sources such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. So, you can use NotificationX to showcase your customer activity effortlessly on your website on a popup alert.
Emilio Johann used the ‘বিক্রয় বিজ্ঞপ্তি’ campaign on his client’s websites to implement the FOMO marketing strategy. With the Sales Notification campaign from NotificationX, you can showcase your customer’s recent purchases on a notification popup and grab visitors’ attention easily. Showcasing the recent purchase of other customers, NotificationX builds credibility and of course, helps to trigger the feeling that the visitors are missing out on something.
Emilio Johann

“I was really surprised at how easy it was to setup and how GOOD it worked! My clients LOVE it and it provides GREAT additional functionality for their eCommerce stores.”

With NotificationX, you can easily design a fascinating Sales Notification on your WordPress website and engage your customers with your website. Emilio Johann found it really easy to create the Sale Notification popup with NotificationX as he rated 8 out of 10 on the simplicity of the setup process. You can find all the resources you need to execute the FOMO marketing strategy using NotificatioinX.


NotificationX Helped Emilio Johann To Boost His Client's Business

Emilio Johann successfully implemented the FOMO marketing strategy with NotificationX. His clients love the experience of this ultimate marketing solution. It brought additional functionality to their websites. From the NotifcationX Dashboard, anyone can measure the performance of NotificationX campaigns, and below, you can find the results that Emilio Johann got on his client’s website.
Emilio Johann

1.4M+ Total Views

Potential customers have viewed the pop-up notification more than 1 million times. This means Emilio Johann’s NotifcationX campaign was a huge success.

Emilio Johann

9.9K+ Total Clicks

Emilio Johann got almost 10,000 clicks on the popup notification. He was able to increase website engagement with successful FOMO marketing campaigns.

Emilio Johann

Up To 100% Growth

Emilio Johann has noticed 0-100% growth after using NotifcationX for his client’s business. Also, all of these came from just a single NotifcationX campaign.

Emilio Johann’s Words Of Wisdom For The Potential NotificationX Users

Emilio Johann

“Install this amazing extension on your eCommerce store to see the power of using a FOMO plugin!”

Emilio Johann

eCommerce & Entrepreneurship Consultant Florida, USA.

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