Hoe werkt het gecentraliseerde wachtrijbeheer in NotificationX?

NotificationX Pro laat je meerdere pop-ups voor meldingen op je WordPress-website continu beheren met de 'Globaal wachtrijbeheer' keuze. As a result, you can display different types of notification alerts in the same section of your website without having to worry about setting up their timing. This queue management option will automatically check the latest notification alerts from your website and show them in sequential order.

For instance, suppose you are showing sales, review, and comment notifications at the same section of your website. In order to make sure they don’t overlap with one another, previously you had to configure the timings for each of the notification alerts individually. However, by enabling the ‘Centralized/Global Queue Management’ feature, you can easily configure the timings in one place, making sure that every single notification popup is shown in sequential order with no overall.

Check out the guideline below to see how to configure the 'Gecentraliseerd wachtrijbeheer' optie met NotificationX:

Stap 1: Configureer de algemene instellingen voor wachtrijbeheer #

Ga eerst naar WordPress Dashboard -> NotificationX -> Settings -> Advanced Settings Tab -> Global Queue Management keuze.

centralized queue

Stap 2: Stel de timing van Global Queue Management in #

Daarna moet u de timing instellen voor uw meldingswaarschuwingen van het 'Global Queue Management-optie'.

centralized queue

Step 3: Enable Global Queue Management #

Finally, you have to directly go to your notification alerts and switch to the 'Aanpassen' tab. Afterward, click on the checkbox to enable the 'Algemene wachtrij inschakelen' option, as shown below. It will then set your centralized queue timing automatically for all your respective notification alerts.

centralized queue

Uiteindelijke uitkomst #

To learn more steps on how to configure any of the notification types for your website, you can check out the detailed documentation hier as per your preference. By following these steps mentioned above, this is how your 'Gecentraliseerd wachtrijbeheer' zal werken in NotificationX:

centralized queue

That’s how quickly and easily you can set up the 'Gecentraliseerd wachtrijbeheer' kenmerk van Kennisgeving X voor uw WordPress-website en bespaar uzelf de moeite van het configureren van de timing voor elk van de meldingswaarschuwingen.

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