5 best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

5 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins For Your Online Store

Dropshipping is a rising business model in this decade that can help you earn money with less financial investments. WooCommerce can be one of those flexible eCommerce platforms to take your dropshipping business ideas to the next level. All you have to do is to get the best WooCommerce dropshipping plugin for your online store. 

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Growth Hacks To Drive Student Enrollment For Your Online Courses [2024]

As a trainer or course instructor who doesn’t want to get the opportunity to drive student enrollment for online courses and connects globally? Online Learning Management Systems offer you this advanced facility that can easily serve your purpose of creating an eLearning site, enter your online courses, and sell this right away.

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WordPress Website Organic Traffic

5+ Best Tactics To Boost WordPress Website Organic Traffic

Rank higher on search engines is one of the major causes that can help you boost your WordPress website organic traffic with ease. For this, you have to identify all areas carefully that can affect your website’s organic traffic and improve it immediately for the best results. Wondering how to do that? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Take a look at this in-depth guide to know all 5+ best tactics to boost your WordPress website organic traffic instantly. 

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product reviews and ratings

Tips & Tricks To Get More Product Reviews And Ratings Instantly [2024]

Does it matter if display your product reviews and ratings of customers on your website? Well, in the digital world, people won’t believe in your words without evidence. They want to see what others are saying about your product. They are in search of the comments, ratings, and recommendations before purchasing any item. That’s why it matters to showcase positive customer opinions and their excellent rating in order to gain their trust.

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WooCommerce review plugins

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Review Plugins & Hacks To Boost Sales Using It (Free & Paid)

If you are the owner of an eCommerce site, you need to get the best WooCommerce review plugins to collect customer testimonials and build credibility for your website. Because the potential buyers can trust by seeing reviews. 

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GDPR Notice Elementor

How To Show Simple GDPR Notice In WordPress Using Elementor

If you want to showcase GDPR notice on WordPress website using Elementor to get your customers’ permission to track, analyze or use their data, we have got you covered. Introducing NotificationX GDPR cookie content template for Elementor to let you create one easily without any coding.

GDPR Notice Elementor

Let’s find out on this blog below!

Table of Contents

What Is GDPR Notice & Its Importance?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced by the EU (European Union) in 2016 for the purpose of governing their customers’ data and making their information secure online. That no one from their region or globally can not track, store, analyze, use or mislead any citizen’s personal, detailed, or any type of information without their concerns.

👉GDPR is strictly maintained by the EU to secure their citizens’ rights, and not their personal data vulnerable online. 

👉As when people are online, anyone can easily track and use any type of data. 

👉So for this reason, GDPR is strictly maintained in Europe, also outside Europe to save their back. 

👉Because the violation of any GDPR rules means a huge amount of fines can be claimed and taken from the online business owners or individuals who have broken any GDPR rules.   

GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Importance

That’s why online businesses are very concerned about collecting, storing, or personalizing any personal data of EU citizens. So they want to get their content with a popup notification bar from anyone who visits the site.  

GDPR Notice Elementor

Visitors can agree with the GDPR Cookie Consent notice of any business by giving full permissions or choose specific access to the online business owners about tracking or using their data. Once they agree, then you have the right to track the data as you mentioned in terms and conditions.

How To Show Simple GDPR Notice In WordPress Using Elementor

If you have made your website using Elementor, you might be thinking about how to show this simple GDPR notice in WordPress using a popup notification bar? You have to get a complete solution for Elementor that can smoothen the data collection and usage process of any EU customers without any hassle. Let me introduce you to the best marketing solution for WordPress that can easily help you to showcase your GDPR notice in Elementor. Take a look!

GDPR Notice Elementor

Introducing NotificationX Advanced Ready Template To Create GDPR Notice Popups In Elementor

NotificationX is the best marketing solution for WordPress to showcase any kind of FOMO, real-time notification alerts on websites. You can display your latest customer sales, reviews, discounts, notification bars, email subscriptions, customs, or other types of active user data on a website to influence potential customers to make the purchase decision or have the service without any further thinking. 

NotificationX introducted complete integrations with Elementor to display the GDPR notice top bar in your Elementor site and take permission from your customers to use their entire or personalized information. 

As mentioned earlier, Notification Bar comes with three ready layouts for Elementor users to make the popup bar appealing without or with using any Elementor elements and customize the design as per their preferences. This time, you will get two more ready layouts of the notification bar to showcase the GDPR notice on your Elementor site. And it’s absolutely free.

GDPR Notice Elementor

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to display a simple GDPR Cookie Consent notice on your Elementor site.

Get Started Creating GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Bar In Elementor

Finally, you are in this tutorial section to configure the Notification Bar GDPR notice in Elementor Edition by following some simple steps below. Go through this complete guideline: 

Step 1: First Create A Notification Bar

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin ->NotificationX -> All NotificationX. Then right from the top, click on ‘Add New’.

GDPR Notice Elementor

Once you have done adding, you will get redirected to the ‘Source’ Tab page of your NotificationX. Use the drop-down menu to choose  ‘Notification Bar’ as your Source type, and then click on the ‘Next button.

GDPR Notice Elementor

Step 2: Customize GDPR Notice Design 

From the ‘Design’ tab, you will find the ‘Build with Elementor’ option. Simply by clicking on it, you will find all ready layouts for your Notification Bar.  

After choosing your preferred template, simply go ahead & hit the ‘Import’ button.

GDPR Notice Elementor

Step 3: Publish Your GDPR Notice Popup 

Afterward, hit the ‘Next’ button that will redirect you to the ‘Display’ section of your Notification Bar. You can now configure its settings to choose the location of your site where you want to display your notification bar. Afterward, simply configure the settings from the ‘Customize’ tab and hit on the ‘Publish’ button.

GDPR Notice Elementor

Once you are done with the previous steps, you will be automatically redirected to the Elementor editor. Afterward, you can design and customize the ‘Notification Bar Cookie Consent Bar’ text section, ‘Accept’ or ‘Refuse’ button any way you want with your preferred styling options. 

There is one thing you have to get notified here that is Notification Bar GDPR Cookie Consent Bar ready layout designs are fully managed by Elementor. So if you want to add other types of button elements instead of the default ones, you have to then add this code ‘nx-consent-accept’ in your ‘Button ID’ to make your GDPR Cookie Consent button function on the website. If you haven’t configured this, your GDPR notice in the Elementor site will not operate. 

GDPR Notice Elementor

If you have followed all of these steps mentioned above, then just with a bit more modifying, Notification Bar GDPR notice popup with Elementor will appear on your WordPress website like the image below.

GDPR Notice Elementor

So that’s how easily you can create and design any types of stunning Notification Bars with Elementor with GDPR notice & increase your site conversion by following these simple steps.

If you didn’t explore NotificationX, you can give it a try and let us know your experience by commenting below. You can knock our dedicated support team for any further help and can join our Facebook community to get attached with all WordPress experts.

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How To Display Discount Offers Notification On WordPress Site for FREE

Discount offers notification or special offer on any product means to reduce the price from their actual one. These offers help you to get maximum customer attention and have a great sale. Because if you can make the people notice any special offers on an online medium, billboard, or any shop, it instantly hits their mind to grab that good deal and get benefited. 

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Proven Hacks To Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Imagine spending hours of hard work preparing a blog and then seeing there’s no interaction from your readers? It can be very disappointing for every writer. You should definitely focus on the techniques that you can implement to gain feedback from your users which will help you to engage the audience more with your content and improve the overall aspect of your site. With the introduction of NoitificationX, you can now influence your visitors easily to get more comments on your WordPress Blog Posts.

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