Top 5 Best WooCommerce Review Plugins & Hacks To Boost Sales Using It (Free & Paid)

If you are the owner of an eCommerce site, you need to get the best WooCommerce review plugins to collect customer testimonials and build credibility for your website. Because the potential buyers can trust by seeing reviews. 

WooCommerce review plugins

Here, you will get to know about the top best review plugins that will help you to decide which one will work perfectly to boost sales. Let’s dig in-depth!

Importance of Customer Reviews In eCommerce Business

You can’t deny the fact that whenever you decide to purchase anything, you first look at the customer reviews on the eCommerce site. After that, if you feel convinced by seeing the positive feedback of buyers, you will have the product immediately.

That’s the importance of customer reviews and ratings. It satisfies and instigates potential buyers to buy the product right away without any objection. And if you call it a sales booster, that will also fit perfectly. Besides, you can easily add credibility and gain customer trust by this.

So to run an eCommerce business successfully you must have to ensure honest customer feedback which will help you to improve your product quality too.   woocommerce templates for elementor

⭐What Are The Best WooCommerce Review Plugins?

You will get a lot of options to collect and showcase your product reviews online beautifully using WooCommerce review plugins. But for that, you have to know which one is best for you. Let’s get to know the top 5 WooCommerce review plugins and help you to decide immediately what suits your site environment below: 

ReviewX – Multi-Criteria Reviews Plugin For WooCommerce

ReviewX is the latest WooCommerce review plugin to collect multi-criteria reviews of customers with ratings. Using this, your customers can add titles with descriptions, visuals, showcase review graphs, theme customization, automated review reminder by main, and more to manage and organize your eCommerce customers’ reviews in detail with ease. It comes with both free and pro versions with exclusive features to turn your customers into your buyers. 

Advanced Multi-Criteria Review :

With the help of ReviewX multi-criteria review feature, you can add as many featured criteria you want to display on the eCommerce site to collect honest reviews of customers. It will help you to improve your product quality, get inspired, and mostly helps your potential buyers why they have to choose your product immediately. WooCommerce review plugins

Besides, ReviewX comes with an advanced search filter that will help you to sort product reviews & ratings with multiple criteria on your eCommerce site. It helps your audience to get to know about your product performance feedback of your present customer.

Provide Automatic Email Reminder:

Your customers will get an automated email reminder after purchasing the product at a certain time that you set on ReviewX Email settings. It encourages your satisfied customer to give their honest opinion about the product if they forgot to. In this process, you can collect and showcase your customer’s valuable feedback on the website to attract more potential buyers.    WooCommerce review plugins

Comment Moderation & Approval:

ReviewX allows you to moderate your customer comments in advance. You can choose automatic approval or can moderate comments. You can approve, edit, delete or categorize the comments as spam as per your preference. You will get the full freedom to collect and moderate your customer reviews and ratings.  

WooCommerce review plugins

Showcase Visual Reviews: 

Your customers can easily add visual reviews like images, media links, or videos with their review content. It helps to add credibility and inspire your potential customers to instantly purchasing your product.  This is one of the finest tactics that can make your customer reviews visually interactive and authentic from your customers’ point of view. WooCommerce review plugins

Using the ReviewX WooCommerce review plugins, you can encourage your customer to share their exclusive feedback on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Besides, you can inspire your customer to give recommendations with emojis to make your product more trustworthy for visitors to boost sales. 

Showcase Graph Statistics:

You can showcase your successful customer reviews stats graph on the website to encourage new buyers to get your eCommerce product immediately using ReviewX. It adds transparency about how your customers are reacting after getting your product. 

WooCommerce review plugins

Advanced Theme Customization:

ReviewX comes with an exclusive theme customization facility to change the entire outlook of a customer review panel using its ready design for graph statistics, photo reviews to customize the whole template design. WooCommerce review plugins

Organize & Maintain Product Status:

You will get a separate panel to organize your customer product reviews by enabling order status according to your need. Configuring this section, you can easily do advanced maintenance of your customer reviews time of getting it when product payment is pending, on-hold, completed, on-process, and more.  

WooCommerce review plugins

Also, if you use ReviewX, you can easily rank top on search engines and improve your SEO ranking using ReviewX. Its advanced Google-rich schema will help you to do this. 

Ryviu – Product Reviews for WooCommerce 

Ryviu – Product Reviews for WooCommerce plugin comes with theme customization features where customers can give reviews with attachments, showcase a review graph bar on your WordPress site to make your product credible for your potential buyers. It comes with basic features in its free version. To manage your product reviews section in advance, you need to upgrade to the pro version. WooCommerce review plugins

Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews for WooCommerce

Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews for WooCommerce plugin is a free plugin that will help you to add reviews & ratings on the website. Your customer can give their feedback with titles, attachments, and do social sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Customers can easily filter reviews with advanced search filters, showcase review graphs, and help you to rank top on search engines to optimize your SEO score.WooCommerce review plugins

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro plugin is a default WooCommerce review plugin that comes with a pro version. You can manage and add customer reviews with ratings, add titles, showcase reviews stats graph, and add visual attachments. Customers can filter reviews to do social sharing, and you can manage customer feedback on the dashboard for approval.  WooCommerce review plugins

Bonus: Best WordPress Marketing Plugin NotificationX To Boost WooCommerce Sales  

NotificationX is the best WordPress social proof plugin to showcase real-time notification popups of your WooCommerce store customer reviews beautifully on the website. Whenever your customers give any reviews, each time you will see it adding automatically on your website live notification popups. It also works handy for displaying WooCommerce sales notification popup on your e-commerce site. So by getting one complete marketing plugin, you can encourage your potential buyers to purchase your product right away and make your eCommerce business credible to accelerate sales. 

Besides, NotificationX has recently integrated with ReviewX – one of the top five WooCommerce review plugins for WordPress users. If you consider this one to maintain Woo product reviews, you can then also use this social proof plugin to add your customer live notification alerts on your website. You can check out this documentation in-depth about knowing this exclusive integration. 

WooCommerce review plugins

As you get to know the top 5 best WooCommerce Review Plugins for your WordPress site, that will help you to boost your eCommerce sales. Now you can analyze and quickly pick the right one for your eCommerce store.

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