5 Best Email Marketing Solutions For Small Business

Do you want to know the best email marketing solutions for small businesses that can help you accelerate your marketing campaign? Then this blog is only for you to know about the 5+ best email marketing solutions for small businesses and in detail about their services. 

Email Marketing Solutions

When you are in a phase of running your small business, your email marketing strategy would really be different and more tactical than the large companies or corporate businesses. You have to choose an affordable, and advanced email marketing solution that can help you to collect more leads, exposure, and the best service. It is one of the core parts of digital marketing for small to large businesses to run successfully. According to Oberlo statistics, 81% of small businesses are relying on email marketing to increase primary customer acquisition and 80% retention.  Let’s find out more details and get all the 5+ best email marketing solutions below. Take a look!

Why Should You Get The Best Email Marketing Solutions For Small Businesses?

When you are in the growth phase as an organization, you must have to give promotions, offers, discounts, or more to your customers. Many potential customers are out there visiting your site online but don’t know about your latest offers or updates. So to make your present, or potential customers aware of your products and services special offers, or anything, an email campaign can work for your small business to collect more leads with ease. 

Email Marketing Solutions

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Once you have increased your user base, credibility through the email marketing campaigns, then you don’t have to worry much about your company’s success in the long run. So to make your small business email marketing campaign successful, you must choose the right email marketing solutions according to your business perspective. Because without doing this, there is no other way of running your email marketing digital campaign online. Check out this Backlinko email marketing stats at the latest to compare the success results and more. 

Checklists For Choosing Your Email Marketing Solution For Small Business

You have to choose, and compare between the best solution and then make the final decision after that. If you analyze you can easily know that not all solutions provide everything or if a particular advantage you might look for that is important. Go through this checklist that is the basic facilities every small business needs before choosing any email marketing solution. 

Features To Consider  

  • Comes with drag & drop page builder, ready templates designs, & complete customization facility.
  • Offers you advanced admin tools that can help you create sub-accounts to manage your email marketing works efficiently. 
  • Email verification, spam checkers, Whitelabel IP checker, and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) authentication feature is needed for seamless delivery. 
  • List building feature should be there with online forms, survey forms, polls can help you acknowledge your leads easily, 
  • A/B testing facility through email subject lines, content, or other advanced parameters to let you know what is affecting your customers’ minds and lead you towards success. 
  • Easily can build and maintain your customer lists with proper segmentation
  • Email automation service is also there to make your email marketing campaign successful. 
  • Detail analytics reports provider to measure the success of each email campaign. 

5 Best Email Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses 

As you already know all important features should be looked at before choosing any email marketing solutions for your small business, this time you will get all the 5+ best solutions that you can consider for your business. Check out in detail below:  

  1. Mailchimp 
  2. Sendinblue 
  3. GetResponse 
  4. ActiveCampaign 
  5. SendFox

Feature Table For All These 5 Solutions & Showcase pricing, plans, other facilities to guide customers.  

Email Marketing Solutions Mailchimp  Sendinblue  GetResponse  ActiveCampaign  SendFox
Subscription Plans Starting at & $9.99/month Starting at & $25/month Starting at & $15/month Starting at & $9 /month LTD Starting at & $49
Limited Free Email  /month 2000 emails /month 300 No free service No free service /month 1000 emails

Mailchimp – Complete Email Marketing Solution For Growing Business

Email Marketing Solutions

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing solution that comes with ready templates, a drag & drop page builder, an email automation service, A/B testing facility, detailed campaign data, & many more. You will get all the advanced facilities to make your email marketing campaign successful in any way and measure your success in any way. Any large, startup, or small business can take their monthly affordable subscription plans and extend them anytime they want.   

Exclusive Features Of MailChimp

  • Drag & drop page builder, 100+ email templates, & full customization facility. 
  • Email automation, scheduling, integration with 250+ apps, and transection email facility. 
  • Offers A/B testing facility, Marketing CRM, Social share integrations, & custom branding. 
  • Comes with a survey builder, detailed campaign reports to analyze results, & segmentation. 

Sendinblue – Advanced Email Marketing Solution for Small Business

Email Marketing Solutions

Sendinblue is one of the best email marketing solutions for small businesses. It comes with ready templates, design flexibility, A/B testing, email automation, and a lot more. If you are running a small business, you can then easily pick this service and make your email marketing campaign successful. 

Exclusive Features Of Sendinblue 

  • Comers with ready email templates, a full customization facility, social share integrations & more. 
  • Email automation, scheduling, API integrations, and transactional email facility. 
  • A/B test your emails, complete marketing CRM, segmentation facility. 

GetResponse Powerful, Simplified & Complete Automation Solution

Email Marketing Solutions

With GetResponse you can power up your email marketing campaign by using this easy-to-use solution. It comes with ready templates, an email marketing automation facility, A/B testing, and a lot more for successful lead generation for your small business. 

Exclusive Features Of GetResponse

  • Ready templates with a fully customizable facility, list management, and more. 
  • Email marketing automation facility, transactional emails, & comes with survey forms. 
  • Offers webinars, sales & conversion funnels, & paid campaigns facility on social media. 
  • Get detailed campaign data in email analytics to analyze results.  

ActiveCampaign Automate Your Email Marketing Campaign 

Email Marketing Solutions

ActiveCampaign can help your small business to run their email marketing campaigns successfully online by getting all advanced facilities. You can create an overall work process, automate it and save time immediately. It comes with bulk email sending, a template customization facility, and a lot more.  

Exclusive Features Of ActiveCampaign

  • This email marketing solution is eCommerce, b2b, or b2c any type of business. 
  • Email automation facility, can draw the work process as a team, and more. 
  • Email segmentation, subscription forms, site tracking, & detailed delivery report to analyze. 

SendFox – Automatically Send Customized Emails To Customers

Email Marketing Solutions

SendFox is another advanced email marketing solution available in AppSumo to purchase its lifetime plans. You can send unlimited, automated emails to your desired customers, followers, subscribers,  and more. It has come with some powerful integrations like Sumo.com, KingSumo, Zapier, API, and more. 

Exclusive Features Of SendFox

  • Comes with unlimited email scheduling & automation facility to your preferred contacts. 
  • Build custom, branded emails, landing pages, and built-in forms with this solution. 
  • Integrate with dozens of your favorite tools & best content creators. 

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Email Marketing Solutions

That’s the end of this top 5+ best email marketing solutions for small business blogs. Hope you will find your email marketing solutions by reading this blog’s detailed information to help you out choosing the best. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below. 

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