Comment installer et activer NotificationX

Comment installer et activer NotificationX #

Install And Active NotificationX Plugin: #

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to install and activate NotificationX.

Étape 1: Accédez à votre tableau de bord WordPress et accédez à wp-admin -> Plugins -> Ajouter un nouveau. Ensuite, dans la zone de recherche, mettez ce mot-clé «NotificationX». Cliquez ensuite simplement sur le bouton «Installer maintenant».

activate NotificationX


Étape 2: Une fois l'installation terminée, cliquez sur le 'Activer' button. The ‘NotificationX’ plugin will be activated immediately.

activate NotificationX


Étape 3: After step 2 is finished and the plugin has been activated, you will be redirected to the 'Quick Builder' page of NotificationX which will enable you to create notifications with ease. 

activate NotificationX

Configure NotificationX Settings:  #

Étape 4: To check and configure the NotificationX settings, navigate to wp-admin -> NotificationX -> Paramètres from the WordPress dashboard. 

Du 'General‘ tab, you will have the freedom to enable or disable the notification alert modules based on your requirements. After any changes, make sure to hit the 'Enregistrer les paramètres' bouton.

activate NotificationX

Du 'Réglages avancés' onglet, vous pouvez cocher la case pour masquer «Propulsé par NotificationX» text from all your notification alerts. You can also assign ‘Roles’ to your team members and choose who can check analytics, edit settings, and create new notifications. 

Avec NotificationX PRO, you will get few more advanced settings for ‘Global Queue Management’, but to learn more about these features visit our documentation

activate NotificationX

You can also configure the settings for NotificationX analytics from the ‘Analytics & Reporting’ tab. Here, you can enable analytics with a single click of a checkbox,  disable dashboard widget analytics, set who to collect analytics from, and even choose to discard BOT-generated analytics. You can also enable reports on the analytics, set frequencies and email destinations for the reports, and much more.

activate NotificationX


Du «Paramètres de cache» tab, you can set a cache limit. By default, it is set to 100. It basically means the number of Notification Data you want to store in the Database. Besides this, you can define Cache Durations for Download Stats & Review Teasers. For instance, if the duration is set to 3 minutes, it will refresh & check again for new data.

activate NotificationX

This is how you can install, activate NotificationX free version and configure all its settings . Learn how to install and activate the PRO plugin to get even more features from NotificationX. 

If you have any queries, please contactez notre équipe de support Pour plus d'aide.

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