想要获得更多 WordPress联系表格 提交您的网站,但不知道如何?好, NotificationX 可让您显示表单提交警报,以免其他访问者因担心丢失而导致其他人注册您的联系表单(FOMO)。

NotificationX是 最佳FOMO和社会证明 WordPress插件,可通过不同的增长营销策略帮助提高转化率。在此博客中,您将学习如何利用社交证明来影响访问者提交更多表格。

Getting Started with WordPress Contact Forms Submission Alert

NotificaionX now comes with integrations with the four most popular WordPress contact forms plugins – Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WP Forms, and Ninja Forms.

If you have been using any of the four Form Builder plugins i.e. Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WP Forms, and Ninja Forms, there is nothing new for you to learn about form builder plugins. You already know how to create a form using any of these four plugins and how to make them live on your website.

But how do you use these four Form Builder plugins with NotificaionX? Where do you get started?

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Step 01: Understand Your Data

NotificaitonX lets you display Social Proof marketing messages on the front end of your WordPress Website thus helps you leverages the FOMO marketing tactic. And where do you get these marketing messages, do you write them manually or do they generate organically?

These marketing messages can be generated organically or you can modify just the way you want. We will get to it in the next steps where we talk about what are these marketing messages and what are their sources. But before that, you should understand what data is ideal for front-end display.

For example, if you have a newsletter sign-up form, data about new sign-ups to this form is a good source of Social Proof. Another great example of good Social Proof is the new sign-ups to your Contact Us Form.

Step 02: Align Your Message With The Type of Form

Now that we know what data from your WordPress contact forms are meant for display using NotificaionX, let’s see how to display them on your WordPress Website.

Once you have decided on which type of Social Proof message you want to display on your site, it’s time to get to work. Assuming that you already have NotificationX installed on your website, now open your WordPress Website and navigate to NotificationX >> Add New. 

Form Submission Alert, NotificationX, FOMO, Social Proof, WordPress Website

After that, you need to specify what source you want to use for your NotificaionX pop-up message. Remember, NotifcationX has a handful of FOMO and Social Proof popup options. It can be used to display notifications from WooCommerce, Freemius, WooCommerce, Envato, Zapier, Learndash and many more.

In order to show Form Submission Alerts, you need to set Notification Type as “Contact Form” and the form builder plugin on your website as its Source.

Form Submission Alert, NotificationX, FOMO, Social Proof, WordPress Website

Now you need to align your Form with your pop-up notification. Remember, you are generating Social Proof data based on new form sign-ups, but you can frame it differently for different use cases.

You can do that from the “Content” Tab. First, pick the form template from which you can fetch in new sign-up data. After that adjust the content from the “Notification Template” section. From here you can adjust the entire message that will appear on the notification pop-up.

If you want to display new sign-up data on your “Contact Form” template, pick that as you see below.
Form Submission Alert, NotificationX, FOMO, Social Proof, WordPress Website

There is much scope for creativity here depending on what form template you are picking and what text messages you are using along with it. For example, if you are a news agency and you want to know whether or not your readers would want you to cover CES 2020, you can create a form asking to vote yes or no. Maybe you want to cover other global events and run a month-long campaign covering different aspects of the global conference. If you have an active reader-base  you will get enough votes to make a decision.

Once you have that data, NotificationX will help you take your campaign to the next level. You can persuade others to sign-up to your form and vote YES using Social Proof messages. For example, you can see in the below screenshot, all you need to do is specify the correct form template and adjust the content that goes with it.

Form Submission Alert, NotificationX, FOMO, Social Proof, WordPress Website

Moreover, if you have Premium content on your WordPress Website and have placed a Subscription Form for sign-ups, you can use NotificationX to encourage others to sign-up to your PRO content.

Form Submission Alert, NotificationX, FOMO, Social Proof, WordPress Website

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Final Words

No matter what form builder plugin you are using, be it Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WP Forms or Ninja Forms, you can integrate it with NotificationX and display Social Proof messages on your WordPress Website and get more WordPress contact forms submission.


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