Top 20 Best Marketing Blogs That You Need To Bookmark & Raise Your Game

Most people read marketing blogs to know more about new trends related to their industries. Marketing blogs are the best way to learn tips and tricks to upgrade your business gradually with real-life examples that can guide you immensely. That’s why this blog will help you to find out the top 20 best marketing blog sites to bookmark to read the marketing insights, experiences, and valuable related information.

marketing blogs

Readers appreciate learning about current trends, according to Hubspot, and they become more interested when the blog site posts information on how to apply these trends in real life. Marketing blogs can be entertaining as well. Breaking news in several industries is also covered in these blogs where people can become more up to date with the current marketing fields. Let’s dive in and learn about some of the top best marketing blogs below: 

1. HubSpot

marketing blogs

If you want to read data-driven blogs with recent statistics and useful insights from marketing experts, HubSpot is the best marketing blog site where you will find case studies to marketing guides all in one place. For any type of business, marketing ideas need to be adequate and accurate. HubSpot blogs mostly cover the marketing tactics with related work templates, along with real-life examples. This blog site is best for inbound marketing guides that will help you to create your business from the ground up.

2. MOZ 

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Moz has been the leading marketing blog site explaining SEO marketing for beginners. Not only just SEO marketing but also experimenting with different marketing-related subjects are done by Moz. You will find blogs related to ‘Guide towards basic marketing’ to ‘Whiteboard video tutorials’ all in Moz. The most fascinating part of this marketing blog site is, they try to present their blogs in a very playful way that the readers are bound to be intrigued immediately.

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3. Content Marketing Institutes

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If you are looking to read all kinds of marketing blogs in one place, Content Marketing Institutes (CMI) is the ideal marketing blog site for you. On their blog site, you will find blogs sorted into articles, research, consultations, magazines, and more. CMI conducts annual research that provides useful insights into the industry’s difficulties, hurdles, and success stories. 


marketing blogs is a marketing blog site for advanced marketers who are more interested in content related to conversions boosting research and lessons from others. You will find content that is thoroughly researched and linked to supportive sites to make you understand the topic even better. That is why some of their content might be very technical for beginners to understand. You will find their blogs as well researched and data-driven.

5. CopyBlogger

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CopyBlogger is the best for email marketing and content marketing tips and tricks. If you are new to this type of marketing, you can bookmark CopyBlogger to read related articles with insightful examples. The best part of this blog site is that you will get through articles on content marketing that will eventually help you in the long run.

6. Buffer blog

marketing blogs

For all the online marketers, Buffer Blog is the ideal marketing blog site to explore. This blog site is full of tactics related to digital marketing, and social media marketing. You will find an interesting approach towards the current marketing trends with different explanations. Not only just blogs, but you will also get podcasts as well to listen to.

7. Search Engine Watch

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Search Engine Watch is another blog site that presents tactics on how to rank your website easily. As the name suggests, you will get to know inside and out of SEO marketing strategies. Search engine watch is considered to be one of the best resource giants with articles and blogs on PPC, social media, mobile marketing, and content development. If you are eager to know trending eCommerce practices, this blog site is the ideal one for you.

8. Kissmetrics

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Kissmetrics is a phenomenal blog site with lots of insightful blog resources that will help you understand your own niche. They publish highly analytical blogs that will help you understand the market first based on real examples. There is also a section of guides where you will learn how to run your business using several analytics tools as well.

9. UnboundB2B

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UnboundB2B blog site is best for understanding B2B, B2C, and C2C business models with in-depth analysis. You will learn how to generate demand generation using intent data and such. Besides these, you will also get to know marketing qualified leads, email marketing, basic marketing strategies, content syndicate, appointment settings, etc.

10. NotificationX

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NotificationX is another blog site that is enriched with a tremendous amount of resources for any marketer to increase their sales. No matter if you have just started your business or have been conducting your business for quite some time, this blog site will let you learn the latest marketing trends with the most efficient tools. 

If you are a WordPress user, this blog site will help you choose the best marketing-related WordPress plugins for any task of your business. From choosing the right template for your business website to implementing business growth strategies, you will get to learn everything from this site.

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11. Social Media Examiner

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Social Media Examiner blog site has a variety of resources to make your concept clear about social media marketing. You will find social media-related podcasts where business ideas and trends are discussed. You will also find social media-related talk shows where experts share their views on social media-related topics, trends, best practices, and such. Most interestingly, you will also find crypto business podcasts to make your business concepts more clear. If you are a person who watches videos instead of reading blogs, you will find their technical or educational videos in their YouTube channel as well.

12. Adweek

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Adweek is a famous marketing blog site where not only business-related blogs but also current affairs are covered generally. They have segmented their blogs into categories like agencies, brand marketing, commerce, inside the brand, media, and social media. They publish very insightful articles that cover ins and outs of the impacts of any business trend in national and international compounds. You can check their blogs to understand which trend you should follow for your business.

13.  Disruptive Advertising

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Disruptive Advertising is a marketing website where you can learn how to use advertising to build your business. For example, they have blogs emphasizing effective conversion paths, experimental marketing strategies, brand awareness stunts, metrics calculation, etc. If you do not know anything about advertising, you will learn most of it from their blogs.

14. Ahrefs

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Ahrefs is a remarkable marketing blog site where you will get blogs segmented in general marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, paid marketing, and even video marketing. They also emphasize online marketing and give off tips and tricks compatible with current times. So if you want to be in the trend, you need to bookmark Ahrefs to learn more.

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15. GetFeedback

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The most interesting thing about GetFeedback is that they have the resources to make the marketers understand the customer’s point of view. They have categorized their blogs according to customer experience, the voice of customers, customer satisfaction, customer effort score, and many more. So from this blog site, you will learn about the other end of your business.

16. Backlinko 

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In, Brian has published top-class blogs on marketing where he has put all of his wisdom regarding business. Their blogs have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffpost, Inc, etc. You will be able to read well-researched blogs from this marketing blog site.

17. Marketing AI

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Marketing AI provides blogs about artificial intelligence and how it is changing marketing culture and enterprises. This is the perfect marketing blog site for you if you want to learn about the impact of artificial intelligence and technology in business.

18. QuickSprout

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QuickSprout also has blogs on SEO and SEM marketing, content marketing, email marketing, online marketing, etc. They publish extremely thorough and step-by-step guides to explain marketing strategies to the newbies in business. That’s why this blog site can be easily added to your marketing blog bookmarks.

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19. CMO By Adobe

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CMO By Adobe is an ideal marketing blog site where you will find diverse topics of blogs on marketing. They publish blogs emphasizing the aftermath of marketing strategy implementations. You will get to learn more like street advice in terms of business from their blog site.

20. LeanPlum

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LeanPlum focuses on the digital transformation of businesses and how you can easily automate your business using essential marketing strategies. On this blog site, you will learn more about maintaining company culture, employee engagement, and satisfaction policies. 

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