No matter what kind of e-Commerce business you are running, customer product reviews can have a significant impact on boosting sales of your WooCommerce store. If you can showcase positive WooCommerce product reviews on your website, then your potential customers will feel more confident purchasing your products.

This is one of the main concepts of social proof marketing. The idea is that if a potential customer sees that other people are giving positive product reviews, then new customers will also want to make a purchase. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how you can use social proof to boost sales by showcasing WooCommerce product reviews with NotifcationX.

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Importance of WooCommerce Product Reviews

There are several reasons why WooCommerce product reviews are important for any business. Not only do product reviews drive sales, but they also help enhance your brand image, your business’s reputation and even improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s take a quick look at how WooCommerce product reviews can help you grow your business.

Leverage WooCommerce Product Reviews For Credibility: 

What other people are saying about your products is one of the factors that determines your business’s credibility. Most potential customers will look at product reviews before they decide to buy anything. If a potential customer sees positive WooCommerce product reviews from other customers on your website, they will see you as a credible and trustworthy source.  So, by leveraging your positive WooCommerce product reviews, you can gain more credibility for your e-Commerce business.

Enhance Brand Image With WooCommerce Product Reviews

Detailed positive WooCommerce product reviews and ratings will help you enhance your brand image and let you distinguish your e-Commerce business as a reliable source for high quality products. This is especially useful as a good brand image can help you attract new customers while also encouraging previous customers to return to your store.

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Make Your Products Stand Out With User-Generated Content 

Your site visitors won’t just look at product reviews, they will also be looking at your product descriptions, and real-life images and videos of your products. This is where your WooCommerce product reviews can help you make your products stand out.

With the help of user-generated content in the form of customer’s photos and videos of your products, you can help your potential buyers see what your product looks like in real life. This will assure your customers about the quality of your products and help them make their purchase decision much easier.

Improve SEO With WooCommerce Product Reviews

The more reviews you get, the more customers are talking about your product online and this can help you rank higher on the search engine results page in several ways. As more and more positive reviews are added, the more new content you get for your product page. This helps you rank higher because when someone searches for similar products Google will feature more information about your WooCommerce products including ratings, information about delivery timing, and much more in the search results page.

Skyrocket WooCommerce Sales At No Extra Cost Using Social Proof

Social proof marketing doesn’t require you to spend extra money for promotions. One of the reasons why this strategy is so popular is because you can apply this strategy for free. All you have to do is find a way to creatively display your product reviews in a way that immediately catches your site visitors’s attention.

This is where NotificationX comes in. With NotifcationX, you can create stunning, attractive notification alerts every time a customer reviews your WooCommerce products and display them anywhere on your website.

As of now, NotificationX is trusted & used by more than 10,000+ businesses and comes with powerful advanced integrations with more than 14 popular platforms. Besides this, creating beautiful notification alerts using NotificationX will only take less than 5 minutes, and you can do it without worrying about touching a single line of code.

How To Display WooCommerce Product Reviews With NotificationX

In this section, we’re going to give you a quick and detailed walkthrough on how you can display WooCommerce product reviews with NotificationX. To get started, download the NotificationX plugin for WordPress and simply install and activate NotificationX on your website.

Step 1: Add New Notification Alert & Choose WooCommerce As Your Source

For the very first step, you need to choose WooCommerce as the source for your notification alerts. To do this, first navigate to NotificationX→ Add New from your WordPress Dashboard to create a new notification alert.


You will be redirected to the ‘Source’ tab  from where you have to choose the Notification Type for your new alert. First, select ‘Reviews’ as your Notification Type and then scroll down to choose WooCommerce as the ‘Source’ for your notification. 


Step 2: Select A Design Theme For Your Notification Alert

After you have successfully added a new notification alert for product reviews and selected WooCommerce as your source, you need to choose a design for your notification alert. From the ‘Design’ tab, select any of the design themes available.


Step 3: Configure The Content Of Your WooCommerce Review Alerts

After this, you have to configure the content of your notification alerts from the ‘Content’ tab. There are many options available here. For example, from the Notification Template drop down menu, you can choose to show ‘User Name’, ‘Rated’ or ‘Custom’. 


Step 4: Customize The Display Options For Your Notifications

When you are done configuring the content of your notification alerts, you can start customizing how you want your notifications to be displayed on your website pages. 

Go to the ‘Display’ tab, and you will see options like the Image settings, where you can check the box to show a default image and choose what the default image will be for your notification alerts. 


There are tons of more options under the ‘Display’ tab in NotificationX. You can learn more about how to adjust the display options for your notifications in our detailed documentation here.

Step 5: Style The Appearance Of Your Notification Alerts

Finally, you can make your notification alerts even more attractive by styling the appearance of your notifications from the ‘Customize’ tab. You can add sound alerts by toggling ‘Enable Sound’ option, choose the ‘Position’ of your notifications, display a close button, and much more. Adjust the settings however you want and until you are happy with how your notification alerts appear.


With these 5 simple steps, you can quickly and easily showcase WooCommerce product reviews を使用して NotificationX. It only takes a few minutes to set everything up. You’re now ready to boost sales on WooCommerce using this powerful social proof solution.

Explore More Advanced Integrations With WooCommerce From NotificationX To Grow Your Business

As we mentioned before, NotificationX gives you powerful, seamless integration with popular platforms. Using all of these integrations, you can start to grow your e-Commerce business by displaying sales notifications, email subscription alerts, and much more.

You can even use グーグルアナリティクス to display real-time visitor counts and geolocation based sales notifications. To find out more, check out our post on how to create successful marketing campaigns in WordPress using NotificationX.

More Tips & Tricks To Boost Sales With Social Proof & FOMO Marketing

Now that you know how you can showcase WooCommerce product reviews using NotificationX to get more sales, you might be interested in checking out our other blog posts on how to boost your e-Commerce sales in 2020 using social proof. You can also check out our 6 proven no cost FOMO marketing examples to boost your e-Commerce sales for more ideas.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, leveraging WooCommerce product reviews to increase your sales is a relatively easy and cost-free strategy which you can use by displaying WooCommerce review alerts with NotificationX. 

We hope you found this post useful, and would love to hear your feedback. If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact our support team for further assistance, or join our Facebook community to connect with other WordPress users like yourself.



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もっと取得したい WordPressお問い合わせフォーム あなたのウェブサイトに提出するが、方法がわからない?上手、 NotificationX フォームの送信アラートを表示して、他の訪問者が見逃してしまうことを恐れて(FOMO)連絡フォームにサインアップするように促す

NotificationXは 最高のFOMOと社会的証拠 さまざまな成長マーケティング戦略を通じてコンバージョン率を高めるのに役立つWordPressのプラグイン。このブログでは、ソーシャルプルーフを活用して訪問者に影響を与え、より多くのフォームを送信する方法を学びます。

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Marketers face a real struggle making sales through their online websites. The option of thousands of alternative shops, failure to build credibility make it even harder. Moreover, online marketers could not apply advanced digital marketing concepts into actionable plans to overcome these issues due to lack of proper marketing tools. In fact even a decade ago there was no FOMO and Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce. Back in 2012, when WPDeveloper was founded, the number of active WordPress Websites wasn’t half that of today’s. Which means today the competition has almost doubled intensifying the need for innovative WordPress Marketing Plugins. To help Marketers with their conversion rates we, and especially Mアシフラーマン, Founder of WPDeveloper, thought about creating a WordPress Plugin that will help them leverage Social Proof and FOMO marketing techniques for their WooCommerce Website.

The Best FOMO and Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce - NotificationX

NotificationX, best FOMO and Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce, has been helping marketers turn digital marketing strategies into action. It helps digital marketers apply proven FOMO and Social Proof Marketing tactics that are part of the broader 6 principles of persuasion. In fact FOMO and Social Proof are so effective that Ryan Williams, Author of “The Influencer Economy,” dubbed Humans as FOMO Sapiens. You can listen to his thoughts on this HBR Podcast.
We launched NotificationX back in September this year. And just under 3 Months, we have grown to a family of 9,000+ Happy Users. We now sit at the top of all search results for the widest category range related to FOMO and Social Proof Marketing for WordPress and WooCommerce. You can have a look at NotificationX change-log which will help you understand how fast the development of this Plugin is underway. We think the development is going in the right direction as we have a 92% Positive  Organic Feedback from our users.

A group of talented individuals here at WPDeveloper are involved with this masterpiece, NotificationX. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you guys the best FOMO Marketing tool in the WordPress industry. Most incredibly, WPDeveloper already has an unbelievable 450K+ Active Users who are absolutely delighted with our work. 

Through NotificationX, est FOMO and Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce, our main goal is to provide the amazing WordPress Community a unique opportunity to grow their business to a new level. Prior to NotificationX, you could get free FOMO and Social Proof plugins with very few features or get a Plugin with lots of features at a very high price. In fact some plugins charged users depending on the impression count, meaning they charged you depending on the engagement rate directly attributable to their notification pop-ups. 

But we don’t believe only numbers can validate NotificationX as the best FOMO and Social Proof Marekting Plugin for WordPress. The significance of every great innovation lies with the real-life problems it solves. 

NotificationX fills the gap for a strong Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce

The days are long gone when people visited shopping malls in order to shop for different items. People nowadays prefer online shopping from the convenience of their living room. To increase sales, online marketers can offer an alternative to physical inspection of products before purchase is made, and that is Social Proof. 

NotificationX, best FOMO and Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce, helps you increase sales and conversion by deploying Social Proof Message for your Site-Visitors. This Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce can automatically fetch in comments, reviews and other information i.e. new sales data from your WordPress.org, Easy Digital Downloads, Envato Marketplace and of course WooCommerce. 

You can display pop-up messages with actual pictures of people, their name and other information. Moreover, you can add a sound for the pop-ups. So that, the sudden appearance of the pop-up and the associated sound effect does not fail to generate your desired outcomes. And lastly, you can show potential customers location of your existing users. If your potential buyers see that people from their locality are using your product/service they will feel more comfortable picking you over your rivals. 

Also, NotificationX fulfills the need for a strong FOMO Plugin for WooCommerce

Creating Credibility using NotificationX

Building credibility takes long term effort. By Leveraging Social Proof you can establish your business as a legit one and also influence your potential buyers into making a purchase decision. Moreover, you can also influence them into picking your product over other alternatives.

But every smart marketer knows buyers also need assurance with post-purchase support. In case buyers face any difficulty installing or setting up your product/service they will need assistance from you. You can provide all these information using NotificationX. That way potential buyers will know directly from other existing users about their positive user experience. NotificationX can refresh collected data on user-activity every second, that way you are able to display only the most recent data to your users. Moreover it can store over a 100 notifications to the database, that you you will not be annoying your users with the same notification pop-up over and over again. 

Creating Urgency and Exclusivity using NotificationX

Can Social Proof help you boost your business? Yes, in fact, it can help you double your user base as well as sales. Now let’s make it clear what we mean when we say doubling sales conversion rates. It can mean actual sales, where you as a seller are generating money. It can also mean increasing your email Subscription sign-ups. Whatever you mean by doubling your sales conversion, Social Proof can be a powerful tool.

Drawing from the concept of Social Proof, View Count can easily eliminate the feeling of isolation felt by site-visitors. Marketers can quickly eliminate doubts from the minds of their customers by displaying a short message at any corner of the screen stating ‘How many visitors are looking at a certain Web-Page at this moment’. This simple stat can immediately remove any doubts from the minds of your site visitors about the authenticity of your Website. 

If your users are looking into your Pricing Page as you are running a new Discount offer, as soon as they see the message that ‘X’ number of people are looking at the same page with them, they will feel the urgency to go for the deal. Nobody likes to miss out on opportunities that they see has created a buzz. In fact, you can fetch in Site-Performance Data straight from グーグルアナリティクス.

NotificationX Analytics

But how do you know if a marketing tactic is good or not? You need data on its effectiveness and performance. That is why NotificationX Analytics Board includes data such as how many times a certain notification popup has been viewed, clicked or even its Click-through Rate. You can check this data for a specific date or the aggregate figure for a month or year. The collected data are spread out across a time frame. And yes, of course, you can specify the time frame that best suits your requirements. The overall objective of having such an Analytics Dashboard at your disposal is you can generate Marketing Report to show to your supervisors as well as use to it formulate future marketing plans.

Display Custom FOMO Notification in WooCommerce

NotificationX gives you the freedom to fetch in Reviews, Comments, Ratings and Download stats from Envato, LearnDash, Zapier, ConverKit Email Subscription, Freemium, Mailchimp, WooCommerce and of course WordPress Repository to your WordPress Website. But there is more to NotificaitonX. NotificationX, best FOMO and Social Proof Plugin for WooCommerce,  lets you create completely Custom Notifications from scratch for your WordPress Website. You can customize the Content as well as the Styling to meet your marketing goals.

Wrapping Up!

There is a proverb that says, “Money makes Money”. It is true in Digital Marketing as well. But only in this case “Traffic generates Traffic.” If you have healthy traffic to your website on a daily basis, you can leverage it to gain more traffic. It is only a matter of how you are able to present it. Similarly if you have high sales on your Wooommerce Website, you can leverage it to make more future sales, it’s only a matter of how you can leverage it. And that is exactly what NotificationX helps you achieve.

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