Soft Skills For Digital Marketers

10 Must-Have Soft Skills For Digital Marketers [2024]

Marketing has changed significantly in the ever-evolving digital era of today. For digital marketers, this change has highlighted the urgent need for a broad skill set. It also necessitated a thorough understanding of platforms and technologies. Understanding SEO, analytics, and other technical concepts is unquestionably essential, but that only solves half the problem. Along with a set of hard abilities, a successful digital marketer also needs to harness a range of soft skills. In this blog, you will learn about 10 must-have soft skills for digital marketers.

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13 Impressive Social Proof Examples That Elevate Trust

13 Impressive Social Proof Examples That Elevate Trust

A customer’s purchase decisions depend highly on the opinions and experiences of others. This is where social proof comes in. Social proof refers to a phenomenon where people evaluate the actions of others before taking an attempt to do a particular action in a given situation. In other words, people are more likely to trust and take action when they see others doing the same. In this blog post, we’ll explore 13 impressive contoh bukti sosial that can help businesses elevate trust with their customers and ultimately boost conversions.

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Social Media Marketing Courses

10 Free Social Media Marketing Courses You Can Enroll

Nearly half of the world’s population uses one social media platform or another. So, there’s no alternative to social media marketing if you want to reach out to people and promote your business. Having expertise in social media marketing is important. Below are 10 free social media marketing courses that are useful for any social media marketer and you can enroll in.

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Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: The Definitive Guide For 2024

Influencer marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years, with brands and businesses of all sizes turning to social media influencers to promote their products and services. But what exactly is influencer marketing, and how can you use it effectively in your own business? Here’s the definitive guide to influencer marketing for 2024.

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Facebook As A Marketing Platform

Facebook As A Marketing Platform: Advantages & Disadvantages

Social media marketing is considered one of the effective ways of promoting business, and when it is on popular social media platforms, Facebook is widely used. Today, in this blog we are going to hold the limelight on Facebook as a marketing platform dan its effectiveness to promote your business.  

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Google Review Popup

How To Show Google Review Popups With NotificationX

Displaying Google Reviews is one of the most effective ways to engage customers and with NotificationX, you can stunningly show Google Review Popups on WordPress websites. Customers’ reviews of your company speak louder than your own advertising efforts, and Google Reviews send a more powerful message to your potential customers. Today, this blog will give you a quick guide on how to show Google Review popups with PemberitahuanX.

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Psychological marketing Tricks

5 Psychological Marketing Tricks To Grow Your Business

Understanding customer psychology is one of the toughest things for marketers because it is difficult to predict how they are going to respond. However, despite two people not being identical in terms of their behavior and interest, human psychology works in a more or less similar way. In this blog, you are going to know about 5 psychological marketing tricks untuk mengembangkan bisnis Anda.

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WordPress Popup Plugin

5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins That Boost Engagement & Revenue

Popup notifications can assist companies in exponentially increasing their sales with minimal effort when it comes to encouraging customers to make a purchase. These popups inform potential clients about important messages that help build credibility and boost growth. This blog is to let you know about the 5 best WordPress popup plugins that boost customer engagement and business revenue.

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Customer Lifetime Value

How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value For Your Business?

Do you want to ensure that your company achieves the highest levels of success and conversion? It’s high time to get familiar with monitoring, carefully examining, and then expertly employing the growth data. Customer Lifetime Value, or CLV, is one of the crucial growth indicators for your business. From this blog, you are going to learn how to calculate customer lifetime value and how to track it for your business.

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WordPress Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

Best WordPress Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2024

It’s time for the busiest, and most thrilling eCommerce shopping season! That’s right, Black Friday is just around the corner, and there are tons of exciting deals that you must be excited for. So, today we bring you this year’s best WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to kickstart your shopping and help you save BIG on some of the most popular WordPress products. 

WordPress Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

Don’t waste time hopping around the web looking for good deals this Black Friday, because we have you covered! With our ultimate, hand-picked list of the best WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you will find tons of great offers and snag huge discounts this November. 

Oh, and the best part? We will continuously update this list with the latest offers, so all you have to do is bookmark this page to know about the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Black Friday Featured Deal: Biggest WordPress Plugin Bundles

What better way to start off your Black Friday shopping than saving big on the best and biggest WordPress plugin bundles? This Black Friday, don’t miss your chance to save BIG on the most popular and exclusive WPDeveloper Agency Bundle plans!

With WPDeveloper Agency Bundle, you get unlimited license to 10 popular and premium WordPress plugins, valued at over $6000! These Agency Bundles include premium licenses for products like Addons Esensial untuk Elemen, PemberitahuanX, Templately, dan banyak lagi. 

Massive Discount On Exclusive WordPress Black Friday Deals

There are tons of more exciting WordPress deals up for grabs, and we have got a great list for you to choose from. Dive in to check out these limited-time-only WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and save HUGE!

Addons Esensial untuk Elemen

Addons Penting Untuk Elementor

Addons penting is one of the most popular widgets libraries for Elementor with 90+ advanced elements to enhance the WordPress page-building experience. More than 1 million+ happy customers are currently using this amazing WordPress plugin to create amazing WordPress websites.



Among the most popular template libraries for WordPress, Templately comes up at the top with a giant collection of 5,000+ ready Elementor & Gutenberg templates and unique cloud collaboration features to take your web designing experience to new heights.



PemberitahuanX is one of the most popular WordPress marketing solutions, trusted by over 30,000 businesses worldwide. With NotificationX, you can display outstanding social proof notification alerts that easily grab the attention of visitors and add credibility to your business.

Best WordPress Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2024


BetterLinks is an advanced link management plugin for WordPress to help you shorten, analyze, and track your links efficiently. You can manage your marketing campaigns and boost revenues by cloaking and tracking links faster than ever before.



Reduce pressure on your support team and cut down the response time for resolving support tickets with BetterDocs, the most advanced WordPress knowledge base solution, trusted by over 30,000 businesses. Scale your support team with advanced built-in analytics, Instant Answers chat, and much more.

Best WordPress Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Essential Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks library trusted by 100,000+ users that offers 50+ powerful blocks to create outstanding websites in WordPress without any coding. Each block offers an array of customization options and features for a top-notch design experience in Gutenberg.



EmbedPress is the easiest, all-in-one embedding solution for WordPress that lets you embed mesmerizing content from 150+ popular sources and make your WordPress website engaging, interactive, and attractive.



JadwalTekan is an advanced solution to manage your content scheduling WordPress with ease using a drag-and-drop Schedule calendar, Auto Social Share for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and much more.



Attract, manage, and onboard the right talent with mudah.pekerjaan,  an advanced recruiting and talent sourcing solution with AI-powered screening system, organized candidate pipeline, ready job posts and email templates, and much more.

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Best WordPress web builder to create websites without coding.
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Peringkat Matematika

Most advanced WordPress SEO plugin to drive traffic.
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Most popular WordPress eCommerce solution to kickstart your business.
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One of the best WordPress hosting to launch your website.
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Fast & secure managed WordPress hosting
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Fluent Forms

Easiest drag-and-drop WordPress form builder to generate leads.
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Fluent CRM

Advanced WordPress email marketing automation plugin.
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Most popular WordPress membership and subscription plugin
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Bentuk Gravitasi

A powerful WordPress form plugin - that collects leads, accepts payments, and much more.
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Advanced managed cloud hosting platform trusted by 80,000+ businesses.
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Advanced learning management system for WordPress for creating online courses.
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Yoast SEO

One of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins with more than 5 million users.
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Popular web hosting provider with one-click WordPress installation.
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One of the most popular WordPress donation plugins to raise funds online.
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WP Rocket

Powerful WordPress caching plugin to boost website speed and performance.
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Unduhan Digital Mudah

Complete WordPress eCommerce solution to sell digital products.
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WPActivity Log

Advanced WordPress real time user activity and monitoring log plugin.
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The Events Calendar

Popular WordPress events calendar plugin for event creation and management.
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Advanced lead generation and email marketing plugin for WordPress.
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An advanced platform for WordPress theme, starter templates & Elementor addons.
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Popular WooCommerce shipping and booking plugins for WordPress.
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Complete library of highly customizable WordPress themes, with WooCommerce compatibility.
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Product Layouts

Ultimate collection of product layouts for WooCommerce that are completely customizable.
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Product Layouts

A marketing tool that lets you create viral campaigns, giveaways, and landing pages, and use gamifications features.
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