Proven Hacks To Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Imagine spending hours of hard work preparing a blog and then seeing there’s no interaction from your readers? It can be very disappointing for every writer. You should definitely focus on the techniques that you can implement to gain feedback from your users which will help you to engage the audience more with your content and improve the overall aspect of your site. With the introduction of NoitificationX, you can now influence your visitors easily to get more comments on your WordPress Blog Posts.

get more comments WordPress

Why Getting More Comments From Readers is Essential For Bloggers?

If you are a blogger or content creator, then you know the fact that comments play a vital role to build a community. It encourages other readers to leave their feedback and create a discussion panel. This will immensely help you out to gather valuable more opinions from your users.

However, you can improve the overall SEO score of your website through the Comment Sections. Search Engines like Google actually index the comments and help you to boost SEO. Apart from this, it can increase the website traffic, participation, and subscription rate on your website. The useful response from your audience can give you new ideas to enhance your content marketing strategy.

Not only that, comments create a great opportunity for writers to build a strong relationship with their readers. As a result, active readers will keep coming back and participating in discussions on a regular basis. This will encourage new readers to get engaged by seeing an active discussion panel and will feel influenced to contribute. It will certainly give your blogging platform the much-needed credibility to take it to the next level by increasing social proof.

Gain More Audience Feedback By Implementing Most Effective Methods

There are some effective ways that can be taken to gain more feedback from your audiences and improve your website performance. Implementing the FOMO approach on your website is one of them. By this tactic, you can easily achieve your product marketing goal. But if you are not familiar with the term, then let’s give you an idea. Basically, FOMO is a unique and well-known marketing technique to create urgency among your site visitors. It triggers your audience’s innate fear of missing out and makes them more likely to take a certain action.

By displaying a ‘Comments’ notification alert on your website, your visitors would notice who is joining in the discussion on your blog. So, they would get attracted instantly and will feel the urge to check out the content by themselves. In addition, it would work as social proof to add credibility to your website. Your visitors wouldn’t have to feel left out on something interesting which is being talked about. It will then lead to those users who are joining the trend and leaving their own feedback in the fear of missing out.

There are actually not many solutions available for you to easily implement this fascinating FOMO marketing approach in terms of WordPress. In most cases, the accessible Plugins are either very expensive or not reliable at all. But special thanks to NotificationX, now you can display an attention-grabbing ‘WordPress Comments’ notification popup on your website. You can even do it without spending any money. Isn’t that sound magnificent?

How To Display Comments Popup Easily in WordPress

You have to make sure first that you have activated the NotificationX plugin on your website. Then you can simply just go ahead and configure the Settings to start. The most fascinating thing is that you will get the full authority to personalize the entire layout as per your preference.

So now, let’s give you a quick tutorial on how you can easily display your WordPress Comments notification alert on your WordPress website to get more feedback by following this process.

Amazing User Interface for Easy Configuration

By using NotificationX, you will get the opportunity to select a source for the type of popup you want to display. The purpose of this tutorial is to simply just help you to go ahead with the ‘WordPress Comments’ option.

get more comments WordPress

NotificationX gives you the full freedom to design the entire popup template as per your wish. It offers lots of amazing premade popup templates for you to choose from. You just have to pick your desired template and play around to get your expected outcome.

get more comments WordPress

Personalize the Entire Outlook

NotificationX ‘Content’ tab allows you to set a template that will be displayed on your website. You will get the full freedom to modify the contents as per your preference. If you want to add a link to the popup notification, you can easily do this. So for that, when a reader comments on your blog post, its title will then be shown in the popup. Then the site visitors can easily check out the blog and join the discussion. And if you already have NotificationX PRO, you can even track the performance of your marketing campaigns through the notification alert.

get more comments WordPress

Accordingly, you can showcase the Gravatars of your users in the popup. In case anyone doesn’t have a gravatar, you can even set up a default image for them. On the contrary, you have the power to control in which specific pages where you want the ‘WordPress Comments’ notification alert to appear.

get more comments WordPress

However, you can dominate the appearance of the notification popup you are designing. Also, you can display it either in the bottom left or bottom right position of your pages. You will have the flexibility to control the timing and set a number of recent comments which will be displayed. PRO users will be able to add Sound for their notification alerts too.

get more comments WordPress

Final Outcome Of Comment Notifications

As NotificationX is very comfortably customizable, so you can just play around with its settings and display  WordPress Comments notification alerts for your website in the most attractive way.

get more comments WordPress

Wrap Up!

In brief, NotificationX would come very handy if you want to gain more engagement in your blog posts. So, why don’t you just get started with its outstanding “WordPress Comments” feature and start building your own community?

Looking to boost your Sales Conversion? You can even do that by exploring NotificationX . So, why don’t you try it out and let us know if you have any questions?

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