Top 10 Best WooCommerce Templates For Elementor To Build Your Online Store [FREE]

Are you planning to create a fully responsive online store as fast as possible? Use Elementor with WooCommerce plugin and grab pre-built WooCommerce templates to create a website within few clicks and you don’t need to know any coding for this. Introducing ready Elementor templates to help you design a stunning eCommerce website instantly.

WooCommerce Templates

A pre-built template is the layout of a specific page or part of a website’s specific section. The basic structure of an eCommerce site is to have a home page, product page, add to cart page, checkout page, and contact page. It’s not an easy task to design and create these pages all by yourself if you have no coding knowledge and past experiences. 

If you go for WooCommerce templates for Elementor, then you won’t have to worry about designing your website from scratch. Rather with ready templates, you just have to add your content and your website is ready to go.

woocommerce templates for elementor

Whether you are going to sell clothes, plants, furniture, or electronic gadgets, you will always find a WooCommerce template for your online store. Elementor page builder has created its library rich to support all features and usability of WooCommerce plugin. Now you can easily and effortlessly create your eCommerce site with these WooCommerce templates. 

Why Should You Go For WooCommerce Templates For Elementor? 

Elementor page builder has made it possible to instantly design websites for your eCommerce store without any coding. All you have to do is use its drag-and-drop editor to place widgets anywhere on your page and create a stunning website. Let’s explore the major reasons why we should go for WooCommerce templates for Elementor. 

Design A Stunning Website Using Elementor & Essential Addons  

Elementor and its other libraries are enriching their widget collections with more WooCommerce compatible widgets day by day. The widgets you have with Elementor let you create different web pages for your WooCommerce store. With Elementor Pro, you will get access to 100+ elements designed just for WooCommerce. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

Elementor’s other unique feature is the Theme Builder which has a wide collection of pre-built pages and templates. You can save your customized templates as well with Elementor Theme Builder. With Elementor, now you can create WooCommerce shop pages and single product pages without a single line of code. 

Elementor’s largest and most popular library Essential Addons For Elementor has so many useful widgets for WooCommerce. So, you can create a stunning online store with Elementor and Essential Addons and grab your targeted customers’ attention. There are 3 widgets in this library and among them, Woo Checkout widget for WooCommerce is the most popular widget. 

WooCommerce Templates for elementor

In recent pandemic times, many people are turning their physical stores into online stores, as people now feel more comfortable shopping online. It’s high time to start your online store. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

When you are creating an eCommerce website, you will need expert designers and website developers to create your website. But if you go for WooCommerce templates for Elementor, then you can create and design online store all by yourself

Instantly Build Your Website With 1 Click Using Premade Pages

woocommerce templates for elementor

To create a successful eCommerce store with WordPress, you will need to add multiple pages and integrate additional plugins to support WooCommerce plugin.

With ready WooCommerce template packs for Elementor, you can get all the essential pages of an eCommerce site pre-designed for you. So, you don’t need to worry about creating a landing page for your products or even creating Checkout or Add To Cart pages.

Elementor has made the website creating experience smooth, simple, and time-saving. Moreover, it will help you to get traffic to your website. To make your online store more attractive, you can go for WooCommerce templates for Emementor.

Best Resources To Get WooCommerce Templates For Elementor

If you are interested in using WooCommerce templates for your online store and are looking for the best WooCommerce templates for Elementor, then this section will help you. There are so many places to look for Elementor templates. The top 2 sources for getting Elementor templates are mentioned below. 

Templately: Ultimate Templates Cloud For WordPress

WooCommerce templates for Elementor

Templately has a wide collection of templates for creating any type of website, like a single portfolio, eCommerce websites, corporate websites, and so on. Besides Elementor templates, it has other unique features like ‘MyCloud’ to save your customized templates, and Templately WorkSpace to reuse the saved templates and collaborate them with others. Templately also has a WordPress plugin, so that you can insert your desired plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

Elementor PRO Template Library

woocommerce templates for elementor

Elementor has its template library for creating stunning and user-friendly websites.  Elementor Pro Template Library has over 100 free and premium templates, and you can customize them as per your need. You can insert these amazing templates from Elementor’s Theme Builder feature to your website. 


Top 10 Best WooCommerce Templates for Elementor

In this section, we will show you the top 10 stunning WooCommerce templates for Elementor collected from previously mentioned template sources. You can pick any WooCommerce template from here and create your stunning online store without any codes.

🎀EleMart: The First Multipurpose eCommerce Templates Pack

When you’re creating an eCommerce website, you have to narrow down your niche. While selecting WooCommerce templates for Elementor for your website, you can count on EleMart. This is the first-ever multipurpose eCommerce template. EleMart can be used for a variety of things including electronic stores, grocery store websites, toy stores, clothing and accessories, furniture stores, jewelry stores, etc. template pack to create any kind of eCommerce website on WordPress without any coding.

This mega WooCommerce template of Templately comes with 7 different variations of home pages, about us page, shop page, cart page, check out page, product page, contact page, and many more. Your website will get a stunning look with this 100% responsive WooCommerce template and boost sales instantly.

👠Upsole: Make Your Online Shoe Store Trendy

While creating an online shoe store, you have to make the website attractive as well as build credibility. Upsole WooCommerce template for Elementor is the excellent choice to create a stunning eCommerce website. This Templately template pack comes with all gorgeously ready pages for your online shoe store. You can turn any website into any types of website, ranging from online footwear stores to online clothing stores, shopping websites, or accessory stores, or any other business in the fashion industry.

👗EleShoply: Create A Trendy Fashion Online Store 

If you are thinking of selling clothes and apparel, then you can go for EleShoply. With this WooCommerce template pack, you can create any type of eCommerce website like online clothing, fashion or accessories shops, and so on. This versatile template is free and available in Templately. You will get pre-built pages to create a complete online store. Like all other Templately’s templates, this one is also fully customizable, 100% responsive, and has cross-browser compatibility. 

🛍️Homepage- Product Template: Display All Your Products Stunningly

Homepage- product is a Pro WooCommerce template for Elementor. If you are an Elementor Pro user, then you can use this template to create your online store. This single page template will help you to showcase your products, display prices, blogs, and testimonials. You can insert this from Elementor Theme builder

🎁EleGift: Create An Online Gift Store 

If you want to run a gift shop, sell souvenirs, toys, cards, and other lovely items then you can choose EleGift WooCommerce template pack. Its color, design layouts, and fonts will make your website more attractive. This template pack is free and available in Templately. For the upcoming holidays, you can create your WooCommerce gift shop with this template and sell all lovely & cute gift items. 

🚲Colson: Make A Bike Selling WooCommerce Store

Colson WooCommerce template will help you to create an online store for selling bikes. The template is pixel-perfect designed, making sure your final creation is flexible and easily extendable. Also, Colson works flawlessly on various screen size devices. It is available on Envato Elements. You will get 16 pre-built pages and templates with this, such as Home, About, Offcanvas, Coming soon, Main sidebar, Footer, Single product, 404, Optin, Popup, Style Guide, Contact, Shop, Services, Team, Blog, and Single Post. This template will cost you  $16.50/m. 

⚡EBox: Create Electronic Gadgets Online Store

Ebox will give your online store a modern and sleek look. You can use this for electronic stores, gaming accessories stores, online retail stores, or any similar eCommerce website. This Pro WooCommerce template is available in Templately. With this template, you will get basic pages like home page, product details page, contact page, etc; you will get essential pages of WooCommerce like checkout pages, add to cart pages, and so on. As this template is fully customizable, you can customize it based on your logo, brands, and targeted customers. 

📱Product-App: Design Your Product Page

Product-App is a free WooCommerce template of Elementor Pro Template library. It will help you to design your product’s detail page. If you are planning to sell a single product on your online store, you can go for this one. This template is fully customizable and has cross-browser compatibility.  

💄BeautyBuy: Build An Online Beauty Product Store

BeautyBuy is a WooCommerce template pack, available in Templately. You can use it as beauty stores, cosmetic stores, beauty shops, beauty salons, and skincare, or hair care products. It can also be used to create spa or salon websites, or any WooCommerce websites for beauty, wellness, health-related products, and services. This multipurpose WooCommerce template is free and has 6 pre-built attractive pages and which are fully responsive. You can create your cosmetic and beauty websites without any coding using this WooCommerce template. 

🌟Product- Sneakers: Create A Single Product Online Store

Product Sneakers is a WooCommerce template for selling electronic gadgets. You can create a single landing page for your products with it. It is fully responsive, has integration with WooCommerce and 100% responsive, and has cross-browser compatibility. This is a premium template of the Elementor Pro template library. You can display your product beautifully and effectively with this template. 

🌸Blossom: The Template To Create Flower Shop

Blossom WooCommerce template pack will help you to create a lovely website for online flower shops or online gardening shops. This is a Pro template of Templately. It is made using Elementor & Essential Addons, and the WooCommerce plugin. This template pack will help to engage your customers from any kind of device and browser. 

🧥EleCommerce: Create A Multipurpose Online Store

When you want to sell multiple items from different categories, you can go for EleCommerce. It’s a multipurpose Woocommerce template pack, you can use it to create clothing, furniture, shoes, and so on. It is seamlessly compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

This versatile template is free and available in Templately. You will get essential pre-built pages to build a complete online store. It is 100% responsive and has user-engaging layouts and elements. 

Build Your Online Store With WooCommerce Templates for Elementor From Templately

You can easily make your online store with one of these WooCommerce templates directly from Templately. If you are not familiar with Templately or haven’t started using Templately templates, then this section is for you. If you ready to use any of these WooCommerce templates for Elementor from Templetely, then follow the guidelines below simply:

Step 1: Insert The WooCommerce Template On Your Website

Before starting to create the online store, make sure you have installed and activated Elementor, WooCommerce, and Essential Addons plugins on your WordPress website. Now go to your WordPress dashboard and open a new page and click on Edit with Elementor’.

woocommerce templates for elementor

It will take you to the Elementor customization page. Now click on the ‘Templately’ icon from the page, and the template panel will be opened. Search the WooCommerce templates by their name and hit the ‘Insert’ button after selecting one. The template will be interred into your webpage. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

Step 2: Customize The WooCommerce Template As You Need

Depending on your product types, you can customize each and every section of the template. You can add images, change contents, add call-to-action links, and so on. Elementors drag and drop feature will help you to customize the template swiftly and effortlessly. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

Step 3: Publish Your Online Store

If you have finished all customization, hit the ‘Update’ button on the bottom-left, then congratulations! You have created the online store without any coding. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

You can save your page or single section and store them in your MyCloudcloud storage of Templately. You can reuse the saved template and share it with your teammates as well through My WorkSpace.

woocommerce templates for elementor

All these WooCommerce templates are created to ease your work and time, give you total freedom to customize as per your need, and help you to build your online store all by yourself without coding. The benefits of using Templately’s WooCommerce templates for Elelmentor are they are easy to insert, manage, have attractive design layouts, and will help you to set up your online store in less than 5 minutes.

Let us know what WooCommerce template for Elementor you are going to choose for your online store by joining our Facebook Community and connect with other WordPress users.



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