Should You Also Target Zero Volume Keywords In 2024?

Itu zero volume keywords are low competitive keywords that you can use to get ranked at the top of the search engine result page. While having a good amount of search volume is necessary for choosing keywords, should you also target these low volume keywords? Dive into the blog, to find the answer once and for all.

Zero Volume Keywords
Should You Also Target Zero Volume Keywords In 2024? 10

💡. Understanding Zero Volume Keywords: What Are They? 

Search volume is a metric that tells how often keywords are quarried on search engines on a monthly basis. And zero volume keywords refer to phrases with almost no search volume according to the keyword research tools like UberSuggest, Google Keywords Planner, etc. Typically, these keywords are mostly long-tail and have very specific queries.

For example, the ‘WordPress Plugin’ keyword has more than 10 thousand search volumes. On the other hand, the ‘WordPress plugin for page building’ keyword has no search volume according to the keyword research tools. You can see that the keyword ‘WordPress plugin for page building’ is a long tail keyword that is very specific and includes the main keyword. 

Zero Volume Keywords

These zero search volume keywords are low competition keywords and big websites do not target them most of the time. As these phrases are not searched often, therefore, the question arises, should you target zero volume keywords? In the next sections, we are going to answer this question in detail. 

🔍 Why Don’t Large Websites Value Zero Search Volume Keywords?

Zero search volume keywords are low competitive keywords that are easy to get ranked on the top of search results. However, big brands tend to avoid targeting low search volume keywords for a number of reasons. Let’s check out the possible reasons for less focus on no search volume keywords below.

🟣 Generates Limited Traffic

You can understand by the name that zero volume keywords have almost no search volume. That means you could not generate a significant volume of traffic to your website using these phrases. Therefore, instead of targeting these keywords, big brands targeting the keywords can generate more traffic for their websites. 

🟣 Limited Conversion Potential

With limited traffic, you don’t have much potential to increase your conversion rate. So, brands don’t usually target the keywords that will bring lesser conversions or sales for their website. They choose the keywords that bring higher conversion rates. 

🟣 Low Return On Investment

The big brands usually have all the resources that are needed to rank on top of search engine results even for highly competitive keywords. Therefore, they don’t want to use their resource on targeting zero volume keywords that have limited return on investment.

Advantages of Targeting Zero Volume Keywords

If well-known websites put low value into zero volume keywords, why should you target them? Because targeting these keywords has a number of advantages. You can utilize these advantages to grow your business without much effort. Now, let’s look at the top advantages of targeting keywords that have low search volume below. 

🔵 Rank On Top of Search Results 

Zero Volume Keywords

With so much competition out there to rank at the top of the search results, zero volume keywords are easier to get ranked. By targeting these low competition keywords, you can rank on top of search engine result pages. 

🔵 Find Your Target Audiences 

We have already mentioned that zero volume keywords are extremely specific. These keywords are mostly searched by the relevant traffic. By targeting these keywords you can easily reach out to your potential customers and convert them quite easily. 

🔵 Cost-Effective for Advertising

As the zero search volume keywords have less competition for ad space, they will not cost you much for the PPC campaign. Therefore, you can target these keywords for low-budget PPC campaigns and generate more conversions. 

🔵 Drive A Sizable Amount of Traffic

According to Google, 15% of the search queries are unique. So, while targeting zero search volume keywords you can still generate a good amount of visitors to your website. For small businesses, it could be a good SEO strategy to target these keywords and bring traffic in a short period of time. 

⚙️ Real Example of Zero Search Volume Keywords Ranking Top & Generating Traffic

Now, let’s have a look at a live example of zero search volume keywords that are a good amount of visitors. In September 2022, we published a blog with the focus keyword ‘form subscription alert’ on our website. This keyword does not have volume according to keyword research tools. However, we have still targeted this keyword as it’s the most relevant keyword for our blog.

Zero Volume Keywords

As of January 2023, this blog is ranked in the second position on the search engine result page for the ‘form subscription alert’ keyword. Other than sharing on our social media accounts, we didn’t put any backlinks for this blog. It ranked organically on the search results pages. 

Zero Volume Keywords

Now, you might be curious about how much traffic this blog generated for us since publishing it. Well, as of 18th January 2023, this blog has 7,001 post views! That’s just an example of getting ranked on search results and generating traffic with zero search volume keywords. It proves that targeting zero volume keywords can be a good idea as well.

Zero Volume Keywords

🔍 How To Easily Find Zero Volume Keywords for Your Content?

While Keyword research tools can help you to find zero volume keywords, sometimes you may not get enough keyword ideas from these tools. Here we are going to introduce a smart method of finding zero volume keywords for your content creation. All you have to do is head over to Google and search for the topic you want to cover in your content. 

For example, we have searched for ‘WordPress website’ keywords. This keyword is hard to get ranked for, however, when you head over to the ‘People also ask’ section, you will see a number of queries which are basically a gold mine for zero volume keywords. Once you click on any question here, you will find even more questions that you can target for your content creation.

Zero Volume Keywords

In addition to this, you can also find the related keywords at the end of the search engine result page. These are the keywords that people are also searching for which are related to the topic that you have queried before. You might get a few low-competitive keywords from there.

Zero Volume Keywords

Another great way to find the long tail keywords and zero volume keywords is by trying the Alphabet Soup Method. Using this method you can take advantage of Google’s auto-predict system and find the zero volume keywords. 

To try this method, all you have to do is go back to the search bar and write an alphabet there beside your keyword. Google will automatically showcase a lot more relevant long-tail keywords based on the alphabet. You can pick your suitable phrases from there and conduct further penelitian kata kunci to finalize your content creation.

Zero Volume Keywords

🎯 Advanced Tips to Target Zero Volume Keywords

Now that you know how to find zero volume keywords, in this section, we are going to provide important tips on using them on your website. Let’s have a look at the strategies that you should follow while targeting low-volume keywords below. 

Target The Relevant Keywords

While choosing zero volume keywords, you should choose the keywords that are relevant to your website. In this way, you can create authority on the topic and increase the chance of a higher ranking on the search engine result pages. 

Understand The Search Intent

Knowing the search intent can help you to provide the exact type of content in response to the search query. Without understanding the search intent you will not be able to convert your visitors. If you don’t provide the solution which was needed to answer the quarry, your visitors will bounce back which will negatively affect your website SEO. 

Use Supportive Keywords

While targeting zero volume keywords you can also use the high volume keywords on your content. A good mix of high and low-volume keyword search volume can help you to generate a lot of traffic to your website. So, if you are targeting the long tail zero volume keywords, you should also include the competitive keywords as well.

⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions on Zero Volume Keywords

Before finishing this blog, we want to answer some of the trending questions regarding zero search volume keywords. You can take a glimpse of them and ask us any questions on our Komunitas Facebook

❓ What Is A Low Volume Keyword?

Low-volume keywords are phrases that are searched less frequently. Usually, these keywords are less competitive and it is easy to get ranked for these keywords.

What Is A Good Search Volume?

You can not get a specific number to consider as a good search volume as it depends on various factors. If you run a big business, 100 search volumes per month might not be a good number for you. On the other hand, this number could be considered a good search volume for a small business.

Should I Remove The Zero Volume Keywords?

If the keywords are relevant to your business, you should not remove the zero volume keywords. These keywords can help you to generate a good number of visitors for your business.

Which Keywords Should I Remove From My Website?

The keywords that are not relevant to your content should be removed. Otherwise, your bounce rate may get increased which will negatively affect your search rankings.

Grow Your Business Targeting Relevant Keywords

Zero volume keywords are easy to target and get ranked on top of the search engine pages. Using these keywords you can generate qualified traffic to your website. So, while doing keyword research you should also pick the keywords that are relevant to your website even without many search queries. 

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