Growth Alert

Smart Trigger For Instant Sales Boost

Growth Alert


Display sales count, low stock notification using Growth Alert feature introduced by NotificationX and help your business boost further.

growth alert by NotificationX

Different Stunning Themes For Growth Notification​

Unique alert themes with customization options to instantly create Urgency

Notify Sales Alert

Showcase sales alert to let people know how many customers have already purchased the item.

Growth Alert 1
Growth Alert 2

Display eLearning Alert

Achieve enrolment goal by presenting remainder days count for any of your offered courses.

Show Stock-Out Alert

Displaying real-time stock-out alerts creatively to help customers take immediate purchase decisions.

Growth Alert 3

See It In Action: Why Use Growth Alert

Instant Sales Boost With All Powerful Features

Highlight your sales, total purchases counts & low stock information to influence customers to acquire your product right away.

Growth Alert 4
Growth Alert 5

Get full freedom to change the outlook of your Growth Alerts & make them attractive in front of your audience.

Choose multiple locations to display your growth alerts to entice audiences & convert more.

Growth Alert 6

Display Sales Alerts With Easy Inline Shortcodes

Visualize all your sales alerts from different platforms anywhere on your website using shortcodes

Growth Alert 7

Full-Fledged Integration With Popular Platforms

Enhance your product sales with Gutenberg & Elementor

Growth Alert 9

Streamline your sales growth with WooCommerce

Growth Alert 10

Boost your digital product sales with Easy Digital Downloads

Growth Alert 11

Increase eLearning course enrollments with Tutor LMS

Growth Alert 12

Accelerate your eLearning course sales with LearnDash

Growth Alert 13

Showcase your sales growth with Google Analytics (Coming Soon)