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Top 10+ Marketing Trends To Promote Products & Engage More Audience

To succeed in the highly competitive marketing world, following the top marketing trends will help you to stay ahead of the game. Modern problems require modern solutions – so does your business, especially when you are planning to promote products and engage more audience.  If you are a business owner or a marketer, then this blog will help you to understand the marketing trends, how to promote products, how to engage audience, and more.

marketing trend promote products

In marketing, things may move as fast as lightning. Most of the time when you are brainstorming a new marketing campaign or strategy, all of a sudden, a new statistic or technology gets released. We see new marketing trends and techniques emerge yearly, quarterly, and even monthly, transforming the way we attract, target, and engage more audience.


🤔 Why Should You Focus On Following Marketing Trends?

In order to discuss the top marketing trends businesses are using to promote products and engage consumers, let’s first explore why you should follow marketing trends. When any marketing strategy becomes so popular that similar types of businesses start adopting it, that’s when it’s called a marketing trend.

Here is a list of the immense benefits you can reap by following marketing trends:

💡 In the early stages of a company, there is a strong chance that you have not accumulated enough data on the buyers. Marketing trends enable you to keep up with the way your consumers’ shop and research your products and services.

💡 In some cases, the most popular marketing strategies are outdone very quickly. Consumer preferences and behavior are changing all the time, and marketing trends help businesses adjust to these changes.

💡 When you become an expert at analyzing marketing strategies, it will provide you with an edge in predicting marketing trends. As a result, you’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying your target market and what they want from your business.

💡 Keeping up with marketing trends can save you a lot of money. By listening and responding to ongoing marketing campaigns in the market, you can avoid investing in less effective campaigns.

💡 Knowing the top marketing trends not only helps you engage more audiences instantly. As you remain relevant among your competitors and your target market for now and for the future, you will have a competitive advantage.

Most Notable Changes In Marketing Trends Of 2021 

The world has changed dramatically in the last two years. And it also marked its effects on lifestyle, audience preferences, marketing trends, and so on. The ability of an agency to capitalize on current marketing trends can make or break their profits, so keeping an eye on the latest is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

How are marketing trends shaping the year 2021? Can an agency use its knowledge about these trends to leverage the most popular types of marketing and advertising? These questions may also pop into your head, so make sure you check out this section.

👉 Adoption Of Automation At A Faster Pace

Automating the entire marketing campaigns and buyers’ journey is the largest marketing trend we are watching for 2021. In recent years, marketers felt an increasing need for tools that allowed them to accomplish all their tasks with less effort. For that marketers are continuing to adopt automation in order to enhance efficiency and produce results faster.

👉 Creating New Opportunities For Business With eCommerce

Recent years have seen the use of e-commerce increase significantly. In 2020, e-commerce grew tremendously, but a wide variety of services also adapted to the digital landscape, and, in turn, we saw more e-commerce purchasing options. Businesses that previously could not possibly be run remotely now offer digital sessions, appointments, purchasing, and personal wellness consultations via platforms like Zoom and all need a reliable e-commerce solution to maximize their potential.

marketing trends

👉 Influencer Marketing Is Getting More Popular

‘Word Of Mouth’ is one of the oldest marketing trends to promote products and engage more audience. So it is no surprise that influencer marketing is now bigger and better than ever. When it comes to boosting your brand awareness, collaborating with the right influencers who talk to the right audience can help you get the word out about your business. 

👉 Browser Cookies Are Losing Popularity

At the start of the internet, cookies were considered gems in marketing strategies. But the situation is changing in recent times. Google Chrome made the decision to phase out cookies, and other companies like Apple are also following the same move. This is pushing marketers to look at alternatives to cookies. Make sure you are aware of cookie replacements to avoid wasting your paid advertising budget. 

👉 Increased Use Of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is your best friend when it comes to marketing trends in 2021. Especially when paid marketing campaigns are part of your strategy. In addition to offering real-time reporting, granular targeting options, fraud protection, and detailed budgeting optimization, this marketing trend has many reasons for it to be taken seriously. 

👉 Popularity Of Short Videos & Live Streamings Remain High

In the coming years, short videos with rapid editing will continue to grow in popularity. TikTok began the trend, which was then adopted by Instagram, and it will continue to gain traction not only with young users. The power of social media cannot be underestimated, especially from a business perspective. It is expected that 2021 will be the year of live streaming wars, with audiences tuning in to streams made by gamers, musicians, and influencers. In order to be unique, marketers should exploit live streams with natural e-commerce integrations. 

10+ Top Emerging Marketing Trends To Promote Products 

It’s time to dive into popular marketing strategies. Check out these top marketing trends that will help your business not just survive, but also promote products & engage more audiences.

Market Your Business Using Own Website

It is no longer a secret that websites have become an essential component of every type of business. Developing unique and effective marketing strategies for businesses has never been easier than with websites. So it’s high time, you should implement this marketing trend and promote products. 

To build a fully functional website in WordPress, you can count on Elementor website builder. It will offer you drag and drop feature with a live previewing interface, that will help to create websites without any coding experience. To promote products and drive sales, you should create web pages like a landing page, the home page, product page, contact us page, etc.

marketing trends

To boost audience engagements, you can include interactive popups, happy customers review teasers, eye-catching call-to-action buttons, and many more. Websites help to promote your product without investing too much money in paid marketing campaigns. 

Start Investing In Inbound Marketing

Due to the recent covid situation, the whole world has gotten on the internet. A few years ago, people couldn’t imagine giving a pitch on virtual platforms, promoting products online, or holding virtual fairs and workshops. Moreover, when you are stuck in the same place, it’s not also popular to look for new leads physically for your business. 

That’s why inbound marketing methodology is now the most practiced marketing trend. All popular brands are now investing in inbound marketing. Moreover, consumers value personalized, relevant product promotions rather than interruptive messages.

marketing trends
Source: HubSpot

Focus On Video Content To Engage More Audience

With the impending pandemic, the effectiveness and popularity of video marketing have skyrocketed even more. Until recently, video creation was limited due to expensive production costs and resources. It’s much easier to access today. As the cost barrier for video has decreased, it has become easier to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. The only thing you need for creating a video is a smartphone, and video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Enhancing Content Experiences

When landing pages are plagued by slow pop-ups, unnecessary advertisements, and cluttered formatting, readers can easily leave the site. As important as your product or service is, you should also consider how it is presented. Customer frustration will make them less likely to browse your website rather than look elsewhere for content if it is difficult to navigate.

In the present time, ‘Content is the king of marketing’. Apart from only landing page content, creating blogs, documentation, case studies, tutorials, are what engage more audience and eventually lead to sales conversion. 

Personalized Email Campaigns Still Holding Their Top Place

Email marketing has been a popular marketing strategy since the beginning of online marketing. Emails have been a part of daily life for most of us, so it is one of the best channels to run marketing campaigns and promote products. That’s why email marketing remains one of the most prominent methods of marketing products and blogs. 

You can set up your email marketing strategy with MailChimp if you use WordPress. Among the flexible and popular marketing tools, MailChimp would be one of the most popular. Thus, your email list can grow and website traffic can go up.

marketing trends

Live Streaming Platforms Are Playing A Great Role

Live streaming was once accessible to people related to the media world. Now with the advanced technology, it has become available to people of all users. Apart from creating websites and running paid marketing promotions, live streaming platforms help users to get a real look at products or services that you are providing. Gamers, musicians, eCommerce owners are getting more of this marketing trend to promote their products. 

Engage More Audience In Site With Chatbots

The trend of automating marketing includes chatbots, which are helping companies have a big edge over their competitors. In the era of globalization, customers no longer wait only for opening and closing hours; they search for another shop immediately if they find any closed. In this case, chatbots make your business available 24/7 to your site visitors and customer leads. Some chatbots are so advanced that they can help you in making appointments and more.  

Prioritize On Collecting Customer Feedback

marketing trends

Detailed feedback from customers speaks to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a product or service, as well as their overall experience with a company. 

User feedback and reviews are invaluable in any business–you cannot find a more reliable or valuable way to gauge a business’s quality than through user feedback. Moreover, customer feedback attracts your potential buyer persona. As customers find other customers’ feedback more credible than the company’s description or product promotions. All popular brands are now focusing on customer feedback as a marketing trend.  

Get Involved In Influencer Marketing

Another recent marketing trend is promoting products with the help of influencers. Social platforms like Instagram have created a new marketing strategy to promote products and engage more audiences. The fact that influencers are viewed as “normal” people (unlike celebrity-hard-to-reach figures) leads audience members to see them as friends and family and more likely to trust their opinions and recommendations.

Increase User Engagements With Social Proofs

In the 21st century, social proofs have been used widely as a business strategy. It’s all about influencing potential customers by other customers’ positive or negative opinions or reviews. 93% of online customers read reviews and ratings before buying anything. The average consumer trusts other customers’ reviews 12 times more than the product description. All of this data suggests that customers love to purchase anything by reviewing social proofs. 

If you want to sustain and involve more audiences in your business, you need to develop a proper marketing plan. Marketing that leverages social proof effectively to boost sales is one of the oldest and most powerful marketing trends in business today. Behavioral psychology dictates that people are attracted to what others are buying. And it’s the main practice of social proof to increase your sales. 

Bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Your business

Today, artificial intelligence is a part of everyone’s daily lives. A song on Spotify, a person on Facebook tagged, or a text message from Siri uses artificial intelligence. AI will become more prevalent (especially among consumers) over time, increasing the demand for businesses and marketers. 

Furthermore, AI can be extremely helpful when making data-driven decisions. You should therefore explore ways you can implement AI into your business’s marketing strategies in order to better serve customers and simplify your life.

Provide Data Control Facility For Your Customers

Data privacy is now part of human rights. Every business, no matter if it is a bank, lemonade stand, or software company, relies on data to function properly. Everything from marketing to sales to service depends on it. It’s no secret to hackers. As a result, businesses are untrustworthy and consumers are exploited when information is compromised.

To that end, the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allowing consumers to be more in control of their data.

marketing trends

In order to comply with GDPR laws and protect customers’ data, organizations must ensure that the data they collect is collected legally and safely. The practice of this marketing trend is helping popular brands to build credibility and engage more audiences.

Become More Active  On Social Media 

It is no secret that social media platforms are controlling a big part of your marketing campaigns. Social networks are more accessible due to internet availability. In a world where businesses are competing for customers, social media is the best way to reach out to them. Here are the most popular social media platforms that are setting new marketing trends. 

Get Involved In Social Networking With Facebook

Facebook is the hub for socializing, marketing, activism, and whatnot! Due to its huge user base, you can run successful marketing campaigns and reach out to niche audiences. Furthermore, Facebook Watch and Facebook Shop have given an online entity to small and middle-sized businesses. Promoting your product on Facebook will make it easier for you to engage with more people. 

Powerful Short Videos On TikTok

In light of the growing popularity of video content creators, TikTok can provide new opportunities to them. Whether it is a contract business or a homemade bakery business, TikTok is gaining more popularity as a medium for product promotion

marketing trends

All you have to do is have a TikTok account, from editing to creating with the ready template, you can do all here. In addition, its improved features to directly communicate with followers have made leads generation and sales growth so easy.

Enlight Customers With Insightful YouTube Videos 

YouTube has evolved from being a funny content platform to a promotional marketing tool. Now people not only upload tutorials or insightful videos about their business but also give the opportunity for paid promotion. Also, including tags makes it more suitable for marketing campaigns and engaging more audiences. 

Create Authenticity With LinkedIn

Originally seen as a job-seeking and job-giving social media platform, LinkedIn has now become a status symbol of your business’s commitment and authenticity. People are likely to start looking for information about your products or company on Facebook or LinkedIn once they hear about it. Managing marketing campaigns successfully is also made easier thanks to its advanced ads manager. 

Bring Your Content In Trend With Reddit 

Reddit is the social platform that decides which content will be trending at present. Its simple interface and easy process to express reactions about contents help to get users’ attention easily. Music industries, eCommerce industries prioritized Reddit’s trendings to make changes in your business. 

Create Engagement With Twitter

It is another popular tool for making content trending. The vast use of trending hashtags makes Twitter so popular among marketers to reach niche audiences. 

marketing trends

Moreover, the easiest way to share one’s own opinion with others makes Twitter more engaging. Service-based business or product-based, Twitter will help you to engage more audiences

Become A Brand With Instagram Shots

Influencer marketing has been pioneered by Instagram. The ability to express yourself through daily life images made it popular with people of all ages. Furthermore, promoting products and becoming an influential person helps to promote your product to your neighbor. 

💡 Bonus: Hacks To Stay Current With New Marketing  Strategies & Trends

Above mentioned marketing trends are definitely the popular ones at this time. In addition, they will help you to promote products and engage more audiences. However, as mentioned at the beginning, emerging marketing trends have no end. They will continue to change at their own pace. If you want to keep up with the pace of marketing trends, then follow these hacks below: 

⚡ Run Parallel Marketing Campaigns Along With Split Testing

Running parallel marketing campaigns at the same time is always better than running them sequentially. Unless you do so, you will not be able to gather enough data to predict which are engaging more audiences. Additionally, you’ll get a good idea of the latest marketing trends. 

With this in mind, NotificaçãoX can assist you in running numerous marketing campaigns simultaneously. There are many interactive features you can create, including review teasers, download statistics, sales popups, and more.

Are you wondering which marketing campaigns will get your products promoted & engage more audiences? To find it out, split testing is the best option. With the killer WordPress plugin BetterLinks, it is possible to create unique marketing campaigns. BetterLinks will tell you which of your campaigns performs best when you create them and tell BetterLinks about them. Consequently, you can easily determine your future steps by getting a clear understanding of marketing trends.

⚡ Get Started With Analytic Tools To Predict Trends

The best way to get an idea about future marketing trends is from analytics tools. You’ll be able to anticipate future marketing trends, as well as make decisions based on this insightful data if you have an advanced and interactive analytics tool available. For WordPress users, the analytic plugins are Analitify, Google Analytics, and so on.  

⚡ Try To Follow Top Resources About Marketing Strategies

The more you invest in learning the better chance to get a clear idea of how to promote products and engage more audiences. This is often a great time to invest in a course, blogs, and magazines, and in other resources. From these places, you can learn basic ideas about marketing, which will definitely help you in predicting future marketing trends. 

⚡ Grow Your Network By Joining Forums & Groups

For staying current in this field, there is no better place to turn than forums, meetups, and online groups. From these places, you can get the latest news about marketing trends as well as discuss with experts easily. You can find groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and in other places focused on the subject of digital marketing or commerce, or more specific topics such as social media. Whenever you post or converse, remember to be specific. The more specific you are, the more relevant your thread will be.

⚡ Keep An Eye On Social Media Trending

Social media platforms made it easier to keep track of the latest trends. Almost all popular social media platforms have a feature to showcase the latest trends. Browsing those places, you can get a clear idea about future predictions and the latest marketing trends at the same time. Moreover, the use of hashtags made it easier to follow up-to-date marketing trends. 

marketing trends

🚀 Promote Products With Powerful Marketing Campaigns 

No matter how much knowledge you gather about marketing trends, if you can’t implement them, then you won’t be able to successfully market your business. Moreover, need not worry if your current marketing campaigns and advertisements do not align with these trends. 

Bookmark this blog and gradually weave these changes into your marketing efforts and ensure that all of your activities are legal and compliant. As long as you keep your finger on the pulse of current marketing trends, and you remain open to change, your business will definitely not fall behind.

Eagerly waiting to hear about your thoughts. You can easily share your thoughts via comments or by joining our Comunidade do Facebook. Also, subscribe to our blog if you don’t want to miss our latest blogs, tutorials, insights, and all. 

Social proof examples

10+ Tested & Proven Social Proof Examples to Boost WordPress Sales In 2021

Embracing social proof examples is a great way to grow, sustain, and increase the revenue of your business. Whatever business you run, social proof always helps to boost sales. And how you are using social proof examples to get immediate results depends on the right guidelines. Read on till the end to find out the tested & proven social proof examples & increase sales instantly. 

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social media engagement

How Social Media Engagement Can Boost WordPress Posts Views, Shares & More

If you want to make an impact online through your WordPress blog posts, you should focus on your social media engagement. With proper planning you can reach your targeted audience and create brand awareness more effectively.

social media engagement

The impact of social media engagement is, the more social media buzz you create, the more likely you are to see steady traffic coming from social media to your site. Start reading to figure out how smartly you can boost social site traffic while converting more shares and likes to your WordPress posts.


One of the concerns after creating a website with WordPress is how to drive traffic and engagement to your WordPress posts. Before taking a closer look at why social media engagement is crucial for your WordPress posts, let’s review what social media engagements are. If you get comments, likes, shares, subscriptions, views, mentions, etc. through social media sharing, these are counted as social media engagement.

Why Does Social Media Engagement Even Matter For Your Website?

By the recent data of SmartInsights, average internet users around the world use 30% time on social networks each day. If you utilize this time strategically to set up your social media marketing, you can easily boost your social media engagement without any hassle. This can successfully be done with your WordPress post views, shares, and more. So let’s now find out why your site needs social media engagement:

Improve Search Engines Visibility

One of the main motives of every website is to increase their search engine visibility and rank higher in search engines. If you check the matrix to improve SEO rank, you will find social engagement at the top of the list.

Sharing your WordPress posts on multiple social media platforms will help you distribute your content more widely, increase the lifespan of your posts, improve your online visibility and organic traffic, and many more. The more clicks your website gets, the more search engines will mark your link as useful, and eventually rank your website higher. Thus your website will get more online visibility for free due to social media engagement. 

Helps To Reach Your Niche Audience
Selecting a niche customer and targeting them from the billions of internet users is not an easy task to do. If you start posting regularly on social media and analyze social media engagements, it will help you perfectly to
reach your niche audience and save both your time and money.

Build Loyalty And Trust

social media engagement

When a person first visits a website, he or she looks at the impression of your business on search engines, and social media platforms. It’s now one of the simplest tactics to check the reputation by checking the likes, posts views, followers, and others to be assured about the credibility of your business, especially when it’s new.

Make A Big Impact On Revenues

By generating social interaction and engagement on social media posts can help you reach out to your target audience on an instance. That eventually helps to build brand awareness and ultimately that creates a great impact on earning revenues. For instance, if any of your website posts get trending on Twitter or Youtube, it automatically appears on people’s feeds and influences them to take action.

Now you have got a clear idea of why social media engagement matter for your WordPress posts, right? Keep reading to find out ways to increase social media engagement. 

How To Increase Social Media Engagement For WordPress Posts

Promoting your blog posts on multiple social networking sites can instantly boost both website and social media site traffic and engagements. And for WordPress posts, it can easily be done by following some simple social media marketing tactics. This strategic approach can improve your site reputation, help you to reach a broader audience, and grow your business in the long run. 

Let’s take a look at how to get more social media engagements for your WordPress posts.

Schedule Posts For Multiple Social Platforms

social media engagement

Now there are so many social media platforms, which means so many opportunities to share your posts and increase social media engagements. If your niche customers are active on multiple social platforms, then sharing posts on multiple social accounts altogether will help you be successful as a marketer or others.

Share WordPress Posts Regularly & Consistently

To boost views and shares on your WordPress posts, you have to first create a social media strategy of sharing the posts on multiple social media platforms. This should be done on a regular basis and multiple times. If you are worried that your followers will get pissed off when they see the same content shared multiple times, let’s share research CoSchedule conducted in this regard.

Sharing the same social post multiple times drove 192% more click-throughs.

The reality is that no one really notices or reads your all published posts regularly. Besides re-sharing your website posts will help you reach multiple followers, hitting multiple time zones, keep the regular audience engaged, and many more.

Respond Actively To Get More Customer’s Reactions

Many businesses use social media as a customer service and support tool. It’s the most effective tool to nurture the lead and build a long-term relationship with your customers. Whether you are a website owner or digital marketer, you have to. increase social media engagement, and it doesn’t end right after you share WordPress posts on your social media profiles, pages, or groups. You must also be aware and respond back to your followers’ reactions, comments, re-tweets, and shares. In this way, you can increase social engagements smartly.

Maintain A Visually Attractive Posts Scheduled Calendar

social media engagement

It’s really hard to keep track of when or what to share on social media manually. The social media engagement on an instance will decrease if erroneously scheduled posts are missed. You can eliminate these hassles by using a schedule calendar, from which you can plan, schedule, and highlight each one for sharing when, where, and how. Furthermore, you can monitor all social media engagements at a glance from the schedule calendar and be more productive. 

Analyze Constantly What Engage Followers

The competitive analysis involves understanding how your competitors effectively engage with their followers. Find out what type of content is driving the most comments, clicks, impressions, and shares on the latest trend. This can help you create better planning to make your social media marketing successful, in the meantime boost your social media engagements.

Take An Advantage of Auto Social Sharing Plugin

If you are looking for an easy-to-use solution to increase social media engagement, then you can go for the auto social share plugin for your WordPress-built website. Plugins are easy to get started and will help you in social sharing, post publish scheduling, and many more.

If you are looking for an all-in-one one plugin to handle your content planning as well as increase social media engagement, you can rely on SchedulePress which was known earlier as WP Scheduled Posts plugin. This unique content planning and management solution has 8000+ happy users and is backed up by prominent WordPress plugin creator WPDeveloper.  

It is important to visualize and manage all your tactics from one place. SchedulePress provides you with an interactive UI dashboard from where you can find out scheduled and unscheduled posts, social media engagements of each post, and many more.

SchedulePress Stunning Features To Smoothen Social Media Engagement

If you are seeking to implement the above-mentioned tactics in order to increase social media engagement, SchedulePress will surely amaze you with its fully-functional, advanced features. It will smoothen your social media engagements and boosts WordPress post views, shares, and more.

Let’s explore how SchedulePress auto social share features with other exclusive updates. 

Share On Multiple Social Media Profiles At Once

You can integrate more than one social media platform by using SchedulePress and share your WordPress scheduled posts on multiple social media marketing platforms at the same time.

social media engagement

If your niche audience is from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc social media sites, you can easily integrate these platforms from your WordPress dashboard easily with SchedulePress. Each post can be customized separately, depending on the type of social media site appearances on which one you want to share your posts. You will have both options to automatically or instantly from the WordPress Editorial you can share your posts right away. Get excited? 

Customize Social Share Templates For Different Platforms

SchedulePress not only lets you share post links, but it also lets you customize and configure your social share posts outlook for multiple social media platforms. For instance, posts on Twitter get the most positive impression and increase social media engagement. If you can share with short attractive captions and useful tags. You can experiment with the look of your social templates and share your posts on the spot. 

social media engagement

Plan Ahead With A Well-Designed Schedule Calendar

Schedule Calendar of SchedulePress comes up with a beautifully designed drag & drop capability that lets you plan your content efficiently. You can schedule all unscheduled blogs there, change the date of your scheduled blogs to another date, drag the specific blog posts to the desired date, and so on. Moreover, you can easily create new posts and schedule them at a time that you prefer. It allows you to also select the content status you want: Draft, Pending Review, or Scheduled.

social media engagement

Bonus Tips: Manage Post Scheduling Productively Using SchedulePress

These are just a few of the many features of the SchedulePress plugin, you can do much more with it. Let’s find them out. 

Use Auto Scheduler To Stay Stress Free

When your niche audiences are located in different time zones, SchedulePress lets you schedule and publish your posts automatically in your preferred time zone. With the auto-scheduler feature, you only have to provide a range or choose a time interval of publishing your all scheduled posts. This way you can publish posts automatically on multiple social platforms at a time and improve social media engagement. 

social media engagement

Manually Schedule Posts & Publish

If you want to pick your scheduled posts publishing time all by yourself, SchedulePress offers your manual-schedule handler. This feature gives you total control over your content planning. You can customize the publishing time and date according to your needs in order to boost your WordPress account’s views, share, and many more. 

Manage The Missed Schedule Errors

Due to technical error, your WordPress scheduled posts may miss their scheduled time. SchedulePress can take care of all your missed scheduled posts. You have to just enable the missed scheduler handler exclusive feature from SchedulePress Settings. The plugin will take responsibility for notifying you about the missed schedule errors, reschedule them automatically.

social media engagement

This is how SchedulePress makes it effortless for you to generate a lot of social media engagement with shares, comments, likes, and so on. Hopefully, you got a clear idea of boosting your WordPress post traffic with social media engagement.

Don’t forget to share your after-implement results with us via comments or by connecting to the Comunidade do Facebook. Stay tuned by subscribing to our blog for more suggestions, and insights. 

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Best 15+ WordPress Plugins For Blog To Improve Blogging Efficiency & Traffic

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WordPress vs wix

WordPress Vs Wix Comparison: Best Platform To Start Your Online Store


Wondering which platform will be the best to launch your online store? Then you came to the right place. Today, we are going to do a detailed comparison of WordPress vs Wix to help you decide which one you should use to start your online business.

WordPress vs wix

The fact is which platform will be the best for you mainly depends on what facilities you are looking for, how much you are willing to spend, and so on. Kinsta shares an interesting fact about WordPress and other website creating eCommerce platforms.

500+ sites are built on WordPress each day, while only 60-80 sites are built on other website building eCommerce platforms.


To help you out, we have created a detailed WordPress vs Wix comparison. Let’s start digging.

WordPress Vs Wix: At A Glance

Before taking a deep dive into WordPress vs Wix comparison, let’s check out why you will need WordPress or Wix for your online store and why they are popular. 

WordPress: Popular eCommerce Platform For Creating Website

WordPress has made creating a website like a piece of cake for all types of people. Without a single line of code you can create an entire website instantly. Almost 36% of websites all over the world are running by WordPress, including eCommerce websites. WooCommerce plugin has made it easier to create online stores on WordPress instantly. You can create any category of a website with this plugin easily with amazing themes.

With the WordPress platform, you can build websites using block editor, drag and drop editor, or many other ways. You will get a wide range of accessibility and flexibility for it’s unlimited plugins and themes of different functionalities. 

Wix: Easiest Platform To Build Your Website 

Wix will help you to create a single static website to a multi-vendor eCommerce website with it. With its drag and drop feature, you can create a complete website without coding. Wix tries to make website creation fun and easy, you won’t need to be tech-savvy. There are Wix templates and an AI platform rolled into one to help you in creating websites.

WordPress vs Wix

Now that you have the primary idea of the two popular online creating platforms, it’s time to check out which eCommerce platform is the best for creating your online store. 

In-Depth Review: WordPress Vs Wix Full Comparison

When choosing the best eCommerce platform for your own online store, you select depending on your customization skill, the functionality of your online store, how you want to manage the inventory, and so on. Here we have compared WordPress vs Wix depending on key functionalities and facilities.

Ease Of Use For Beginners

You have to go through some steps when you are starting with any online store creating an eCommerce platform. Let’s find out how to start with WordPress vs Wix.

Creating eCommerce Website Using WordPress

Starting to build a website is very easy in WordPress. Before starting you have to finish some essential steps. For instance, you will need to get a hosting provider and a domain name for your website. 

There are many renowned hosting providers to get started with. Most of the time hosting providers offer one-click installation of WordPress. After selecting a domain name and hosting provider, you have to select a suitable theme and can kickstart your online store.

WordPress vs Wix

To create an online store, WooCommerce plugin is mandatory for every WordPress site. Setting up this plugin is also very simple, it comes with the quick setup wizard. So you just need to follow the instructions and create an online store right away. 

Starting Website Design With Wix

When you are getting started with Wix to create your online store, there is only one step before getting started. And that is to create an account in Wix. This eCommerce platform will provide you domain name and hosting at the beginning for your basic eCommerce websites. You can choose to create your online store all by yourself or let Wix ADI create one for you.

WordPress vs Wix

 If you want to create an online store with multiple eCommerce functionalities and your own preferred domain name then you have to upgrade to the premium pricing package. In this way, you can create any type of online store easily with Wix. 

Which One Has A Better Editor: WordPress Vs Wix?

Every website building eCommerce platform has its own terms for creating and editing websites. When you are planning to create a website for the first time, you have to find out which eCommerce platform it takes less time and effort to create a complete website. 

There are countless ways of creating an eCommerce website with WordPress. There are so many page builders, plugins, and themes available to create an online store. By default, you have to select a certain theme and do customization over that to give your website a personalized touch. 

WordPress vs Wix

To create additional pages, you will get Gutenberg block editor. In the recent WordPress 5.7 update, you can create a complete website with a block editor. But the limitation is you can’t see the changes in real-time, you have to save and preview every time. Another limitation is you will need minimum coding and design ideas before starting with WordPress. 

If you are well-known with Elementor page builder, you can create and design new pages instantly with the drag and drop feature. Also, you can see the live preview of changes in real-time. The biggest facility of using Elementor is you won’t need a single line of code for creating websites. 

If you have no idea about website designing, then you can go for Templately, the ultimate template cloud for WordPress. There you will find so many interactive and stunning Elementor templates for designing your website. All you have to do is sign up for an account in Templately and insert suitable templates for your online store. 

WordPress vs wix

On the other hand, Wix also comes with a live preview editor, so you can easily add paragraphs, pictures, slideshows, shopping cart buttons, and more anywhere on your web pages. It is designed for beginner and mid-level website creators to be able to create a personalized site without any coding or technical experience. But without the default drag and drop editor, there are no other types of editor available in Wix.

WordPress vs Wix

Customization And Design Options: WordPress vs Wix

When it comes to designing and customization, both platforms offer unique and user-friendly options. Let’s check out WordPress vs Wix, which platform offers what for your online store. 

WordPress enables you to customize your store as you want. You can turn a simple eCommerce online store into a multi vendor eCommerce website and vice versa. If you are good with coding or have a rocking developer team, then you can also add custom features as well.

WordPress vs Wix

Whether your website is created with Elementor or Gutenberg, they provide a wide range of customization without using a single code. Moreover, you can go for free plugins available in the WordPress repository to give your online store more functionalities. 

As mentioned earlier, Wix offers multiple types of templates to create online stores. You will find almost all category templates here in Wix so you wouldn’t need much of customization. Also, in Wix there are fewer options for customization, as they have prepared their eCommerce platform targeting beginners. 

Availability Of Plugins And Integrations: WordPress Vs Wix

There are so many amazing and easy to use plugins in WordPress and apps in Wix. Let’s explore WordPress vs Wix plugins and integrations comparison.

At the moment while writing this comparison, there are 50,000+ free and premium plugins available to create stunning websites. From creating a product to improving product selling, there is almost every category plugin available. You can explore the WordPress repository and activate the essential plugins from there easily. 

WordPress vs Wix

These stunning and interactive WordPress plugins will also help you to analyze your online store performance and help to to get free traffic instantly. So can also fluently display your ongoing discount offers with custom notifications to boost sales. 

In Wix platform, available integrations and extions are called apps, and there is a marketplace named Wix App Market. You will find in there all the apps needed to manage your online store successfully, some from Wix and some from third parties. There are 250+ free & premium apps available there, which is so less in number compared to WordPress. Moreover, you won’t get enough customization options in those apps.

WordPress vs Wix

What More Premium Versions Offer In WordPress Vs Wix?

Before creating your online store, you have to find out how much money you have to send for it. You may help you in making a decision, we mentioned upfront how much it costs to use the premium versions between WordPress vs Wix.

WordPress is an open source platform, so it’s totally free to create websites with it. But you have to pay for a domain name and hosting to make your website live. Also if you want to use premium plugins, you will also have to pay according to their individual premium pricing plan. As a result, WordPress sites can range in cost greatly from just $566 to $52,817.

WordPress vs Wix

With the Wix free version, you can easily run small and less functioning websites. And in free online stores, Wix runs its own ads. To get more functionality for your online store and get an add-free website, you can go for the premium version of Wix.

WordPress vs Wix

WordPress vs Wix: Which Is Best For Online Stores?

So, it is time to decide which platform is the best for creating an online store among WordPress vs Wix. Before jumping to the conclusion, let’s see why you should choose Wix and why WordPress.

WordPress Is Recommended If:

  • You are looking to create a multipurpose online store and have an idea of how an online store works
  • You are interested in taking full control over your website and need a better  domain and hosting
  • When you need a wide range of customization in your online store and make it more personalized. 

Wix Is Advised If:

  • You are looking to create an online store instantly and are not tech-savvy.
  • Interested in simple features like static designs and aren’t interested in a wider range of customization.
  • You do not want to undergo the hassle of getting your own hosting and domain.

Wix is an easy online store that can be used by anyone. WordPress, on the other hand, is a powerful, flexible eCommerce platform for getting full control over your site from design to security. You can go for any other online store depending on your technical skill, online store type, and so on. 

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WooCommerce Templates

Top 10 Best WooCommerce Templates For Elementor To Build Your Online Store [FREE]

Are you planning to create a fully responsive online store as fast as possible? Use Elementor with WooCommerce plugin and grab pre-built WooCommerce templates to create a website within few clicks and you don’t need to know any coding for this. Introducing ready Elementor templates to help you design a stunning eCommerce website instantly.

WooCommerce Templates

A pre-built template is the layout of a specific page or part of a website’s specific section. The basic structure of an eCommerce site is to have a home page, product page, add to cart page, checkout page, and contact page. It’s not an easy task to design and create these pages all by yourself if you have no coding knowledge and past experiences. 

If you go for WooCommerce templates for Elementor, then you won’t have to worry about designing your website from scratch. Rather with ready templates, you just have to add your content and your website is ready to go.

woocommerce templates for elementor

Whether you are going to sell clothes, plants, furniture, or electronic gadgets, you will always find a WooCommerce template for your online store. Elementor page builder has created its library rich to support all features and usability of WooCommerce plugin. Now you can easily and effortlessly create your eCommerce site with these WooCommerce templates. 

Why Should You Go For WooCommerce Templates For Elementor? 

Construtor de páginas Elementor has made it possible to instantly design websites for your eCommerce store without any coding. All you have to do is use its drag-and-drop editor to place widgets anywhere on your page and create a stunning website. Let’s explore the major reasons why we should go for WooCommerce templates for Elementor. 

Design A Stunning Website Using Elementor & Essential Addons  

Elementor and its other libraries are enriching their widget collections with more WooCommerce compatible widgets day by day. The widgets you have with Elementor let you create different web pages for your WooCommerce store. With Elementor Pro, you will get access to 100+ elements designed just for WooCommerce. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

Elementor’s other unique feature is the Theme Builder which has a wide collection of pre-built pages and templates. You can save your customized templates as well with Elementor Theme Builder. With Elementor, now you can create WooCommerce shop pages and single product pages without a single line of code. 

Elementor’s largest and most popular library Essential Addons For Elementor has so many useful widgets for WooCommerce. So, you can create a stunning online store with Elementor and Essential Addons and grab your targeted customers’ attention. There are 3 widgets in this library and among them, Woo Checkout widget for WooCommerce is the most popular widget. 

WooCommerce Templates for elementor

In recent pandemic times, many people are turning their physical stores into online stores, as people now feel more comfortable shopping online. It’s high time to start your online store. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

When you are creating an eCommerce website, you will need expert designers and website developers to create your website. But if you go for WooCommerce templates for Elementor, then you can create and design online store all by yourself

Instantly Build Your Website With 1 Click Using Premade Pages

woocommerce templates for elementor

To create a successful eCommerce store with WordPress, you will need to add multiple pages and integrate additional plugins to support WooCommerce plugin.

With ready WooCommerce template packs for Elementor, you can get all the essential pages of an eCommerce site pre-designed for you. So, you don’t need to worry about creating a landing page for your products or even creating Checkout or Add To Cart pages.

Elementor has made the website creating experience smooth, simple, and time-saving. Moreover, it will help you to get traffic to your website. To make your online store more attractive, you can go for WooCommerce templates for Emementor.

Best Resources To Get WooCommerce Templates For Elementor

If you are interested in using WooCommerce templates for your online store and are looking for the best WooCommerce templates for Elementor, then this section will help you. There are so many places to look for Elementor templates. The top 2 sources for getting Elementor templates are mentioned below. 

Templately: Ultimate Templates Cloud For WordPress

WooCommerce templates for Elementor

Temperamentalmente has a wide collection of templates for creating any type of website, like a single portfolio, eCommerce websites, corporate websites, and so on. Besides Elementor templates, it has other unique features like ‘MyCloud’ to save your customized templates, and Templately WorkSpace to reuse the saved templates and collaborate them with others. Templately also has a WordPress plugin, so that you can insert your desired plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

Elementor PRO Template Library

woocommerce templates for elementor

Elementor has its template library for creating stunning and user-friendly websites.  Elementor Pro Template Library has over 100 free and premium templates, and you can customize them as per your need. You can insert these amazing templates from Elementor’s Theme Builder feature to your website. 


Top 10 Best WooCommerce Templates for Elementor

In this section, we will show you the top 10 stunning WooCommerce templates for Elementor collected from previously mentioned template sources. You can pick any WooCommerce template from here and create your stunning online store without any codes.

🎀EleMart: The First Multipurpose eCommerce Templates Pack

When you’re creating an eCommerce website, you have to narrow down your niche. While selecting WooCommerce templates for Elementor for your website, you can count on EleMart. This is the first-ever multipurpose eCommerce template. EleMart can be used for a variety of things including electronic stores, grocery store websites, toy stores, clothing and accessories, furniture stores, jewelry stores, etc. template pack to create any kind of eCommerce website on WordPress without any coding.

This mega WooCommerce template of Temperamentalmente comes with 7 different variations of home pages, about us page, shop page, cart page, check out page, product page, contact page, and many more. Your website will get a stunning look with this 100% responsive WooCommerce template and boost sales instantly.

👠Upsole: Make Your Online Shoe Store Trendy

While creating an online shoe store, you have to make the website attractive as well as build credibility. Upsole WooCommerce template for Elementor is the excellent choice to create a stunning eCommerce website. This Temperamentalmente template pack comes with all gorgeously ready pages for your online shoe store. You can turn any website into any types of website, ranging from online footwear stores to online clothing stores, shopping websites, or accessory stores, or any other business in the fashion industry.

👗EleShoply: Create A Trendy Fashion Online Store 

If you are thinking of selling clothes and apparel, then you can go for EleShoply. With this WooCommerce template pack, you can create any type of eCommerce website like online clothing, fashion or accessories shops, and so on. This versatile template is free and available in Temperamentalmente. You will get pre-built pages to create a complete online store. Like all other Templately’s templates, this one is also fully customizable, 100% responsive, and has cross-browser compatibility. 

🛍️Homepage- Product Template: Display All Your Products Stunningly

Homepage- product is a Pro WooCommerce template for Elementor. If you are an Elementor Pro user, then you can use this template to create your online store. This single page template will help you to showcase your products, display prices, blogs, and testimonials. You can insert this from Elementor Theme builder

🎁EleGift: Create An Online Gift Store 

If you want to run a gift shop, sell souvenirs, toys, cards, and other lovely items then you can choose EleGift WooCommerce template pack. Its color, design layouts, and fonts will make your website more attractive. This template pack is free and available in Temperamentalmente. For the upcoming holidays, you can create your WooCommerce gift shop with this template and sell all lovely & cute gift items. 

🚲Colson: Make A Bike Selling WooCommerce Store

Colson WooCommerce template will help you to create an online store for selling bikes. The template is pixel-perfect designed, making sure your final creation is flexible and easily extendable. Also, Colson works flawlessly on various screen size devices. It is available on Envato Elements. You will get 16 pre-built pages and templates with this, such as Home, About, Offcanvas, Coming soon, Main sidebar, Footer, Single product, 404, Optin, Popup, Style Guide, Contact, Shop, Services, Team, Blog, and Single Post. This template will cost you  $16.50/m. 

⚡EBox: Create Electronic Gadgets Online Store

Ebox will give your online store a modern and sleek look. You can use this for electronic stores, gaming accessories stores, online retail stores, or any similar eCommerce website. This Pro WooCommerce template is available in Templately. With this template, you will get basic pages like home page, product details page, contact page, etc; you will get essential pages of WooCommerce like checkout pages, add to cart pages, and so on. As this template is fully customizable, you can customize it based on your logo, brands, and targeted customers. 

📱Product-App: Design Your Product Page

Product-App is a free WooCommerce template of Elementor Pro Template library. It will help you to design your product’s detail page. If you are planning to sell a single product on your online store, you can go for this one. This template is fully customizable and has cross-browser compatibility.  

💄BeautyBuy: Build An Online Beauty Product Store

BeautyBuy is a WooCommerce template pack, available in Templately. You can use it as beauty stores, cosmetic stores, beauty shops, beauty salons, and skincare, or hair care products. It can also be used to create spa or salon websites, or any WooCommerce websites for beauty, wellness, health-related products, and services. This multipurpose WooCommerce template is free and has 6 pre-built attractive pages and which are fully responsive. You can create your cosmetic and beauty websites without any coding using this WooCommerce template. 

🌟Product- Sneakers: Create A Single Product Online Store

Product Sneakers is a WooCommerce template for selling electronic gadgets. You can create a single landing page for your products with it. It is fully responsive, has integration with WooCommerce and 100% responsive, and has cross-browser compatibility. This is a premium template of the Elementor Pro template library. You can display your product beautifully and effectively with this template. 

🌸Blossom: The Template To Create Flower Shop

Blossom WooCommerce template pack will help you to create a lovely website for online flower shops or online gardening shops. This is a Pro template of Templately. It is made using Elementor & Essential Addons, and the WooCommerce plugin. This template pack will help to engage your customers from any kind of device and browser. 

🧥EleCommerce: Create A Multipurpose Online Store

When you want to sell multiple items from different categories, you can go for EleCommerce. It’s a multipurpose Woocommerce template pack, you can use it to create clothing, furniture, shoes, and so on. It is seamlessly compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

This versatile template is free and available in Temperamentalmente. You will get essential pre-built pages to build a complete online store. It is 100% responsive and has user-engaging layouts and elements. 

Build Your Online Store With WooCommerce Templates for Elementor From Templately

You can easily make your online store with one of these WooCommerce templates directly from Temperamentalmente. If you are not familiar with Templately or haven’t started using Templately templates, then this section is for you. If you ready to use any of these WooCommerce templates for Elementor from Templetely, then follow the guidelines below simply:

Step 1: Insert The WooCommerce Template On Your Website

Before starting to create the online store, make sure you have installed and activated Elementor, WooCommerce, and Complementos essenciais plugins on your WordPress website. Now go to your WordPress dashboard and open a new page and click on Edit with Elementor’.

woocommerce templates for elementor

It will take you to the Elementor customization page. Now click on the ‘Templately’ icon from the page, and the template panel will be opened. Search the WooCommerce templates by their name and hit the ‘Insert’ button after selecting one. The template will be interred into your webpage. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

Step 2: Customize The WooCommerce Template As You Need

Depending on your product types, you can customize each and every section of the template. You can add images, change contents, add call-to-action links, and so on. Elementors drag and drop feature will help you to customize the template swiftly and effortlessly. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

Step 3: Publish Your Online Store

If you have finished all customization, hit the ‘Update’ button on the bottom-left, then congratulations! You have created the online store without any coding. 

woocommerce templates for elementor

You can save your page or single section and store them in your MyCloudcloud storage of Templately. You can reuse the saved template and share it with your teammates as well through My WorkSpace.

woocommerce templates for elementor

All these WooCommerce templates are created to ease your work and time, give you total freedom to customize as per your need, and help you to build your online store all by yourself without coding. The benefits of using Temperamentalmente’s WooCommerce templates for Elelmentor are they are easy to insert, manage, have attractive design layouts, and will help you to set up your online store in less than 5 minutes.

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