Top 3 WordPress Plugins For Affiliates + Bonus For 2024

Looking for affiliate plugins to amp up your online sales? Getting into affiliate marketing helps spread the word about your brand and products to more people, bringing in a constant flow of potential customers. Here in this blog, we have checked out the options and found the best WordPress plugins for affiliates for you. Let us dive in.

WordPress Plugins for WordPress

What Is An Affiliate Plugin?

An affiliate plugin is a tool for managing affiliate marketing on websites like WordPress. It helps with tasks like affiliate registration, generating referral links, managing coupons, and handling payments. Essentially, it simplifies the process of partnering with others to promote and sell your products for a commission.

With WordPress affiliate plugins, you can set up a program for others to promote your online store products. Once installed, these plugins work with WooCommerce, making it easy for people to sign up and start promoting. The plugins handle everything – from sign-up forms to payment processing – simplifying the entire affiliate program for you.

Is WordPress Suitable For Affiliate Marketing?

The answer is ‘YES’ – WordPress could be affiliate marketers’ first choice. It is user-friendly and allows you to track the performance of your affiliate links effortlessly. With WordPress, you can choose from a variety of plugins to manage your affiliate program in a way that suits you best.

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

Just one thing you need to keep in mind is that these benefits only apply to sites. So, avoid using for affiliate marketing as it has restrictions on adding plugins.

Now a question may pop up in your mind – while choosing affiliate marketing plugins in WordPress, what are the things you need to make sure that the affiliate plugin has? Well, let us guide you on that road.

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates: Things To Consider Before Choosing

Affiliate plugins for WordPress are designed to help sellers easily create, manage, and keep track of affiliate links. To find the best ones, we tested different plugins and looked at reviews that hold credibility.

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

Here is what we found makes a top affiliate WordPress plugin:

✅ Ease Of Use: A good plugin should be simple to set up and use. It should come with clear instructions and a step-by-step guide.

✅ Best Pricing Plan: Since sellers and affiliates have different needs and budgets, a good plugin should offer different pricing plans.

✅ Customization Flexibility: To stand out customization flexibility is a must for businesses and affiliates. A good plugin allows users to personalize settings and designs. This could include customizing emails and rewards.

✅ Automation: Managing an affiliate program can be a lot of work. A good WordPress affiliate plugin should have features that automate tasks, like sending emails to affiliates and handling commissions. This helps users save time and grow their business faster.

Expert Pick: Top 3 WordPress Plugins For Affiliates In 2024

For affiliate marketers who use WordPress, there are tons of plugins available. Among many, we have sorted out the three best affiliate plugins in WordPress right now & has also have the potential to make your affiliate marketing easy in the upcoming year 2024. Without any further ado, let us get acquainted & make an informed decision to uplift your affiliate marketing strategy.

1. BetterLinks: Track Affiliate Link Analytics Precisely

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

BetterLinks, a WordPress plugin loved by more than 10,000+ happy users & is just the beginning. The plugin simplifies link creation, allowing you to make concise, customized, and branded links, including affiliate links with added parameters. This plugin is gaining traction in affiliate marketing for its prowess in link cloaking, tracking, and taming unwieldy URLs.

As a self-hosted link-cloaking solution for WordPress, BetterLinks effortlessly transforms lengthy URLs into shorter, cloaked links. It is user-friendly – a few clicks and you have got a neat short URL. But wait, there is more! BetterLinks stands tall against competitors like Pretty Links and Thirsty Affiliates, renowned URL cloakers and link managers. Let us have a look at the basic comparison between BetterLinks, PrettyLinks, & ThirstyAffiliates.

🔥 BetterLinks vs PrettyLinks

BetterLinks and Pretty Links both do similar things like shortening links, tracking clicks, and managing link redirects. However, BetterLinks goes a step further with extra features like retargeting and UTM parameters, which Pretty Links does not have. BetterLinks also has an easy-to-use interface and detailed analytics to help you keep an eye on how well your website is doing.

🔥 BetterLinks vs ThirstyAffiliates

BetterLinks and ThirstyAffiliates do similar jobs, like cloaking and redirecting links. However, BetterLinks brings extra perks like making your own redirects (custom redirection), doing retargeting, and using UTM parameters – things ThirstyAffiliates does not offer. On the other side, ThirstyAffiliates scores big with Amazon API integration, which allows you to create links to Amazon products quickly.

2. ThirstyAffiliates: Cloak & Manage Affiliate Links With Ease

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

Afiliasi Haus, one of the popular affiliate plugins for WordPress designed for affiliate marketers, has gained 40,000+ downloads worldwide. The plugin simplifies the management of affiliate links from various merchants.

Key features include automatic linking, allowing easy connection of links to specific keywords across the WordPress site. The Quick Add Affiliate Link feature in the WordPress text editor enables link addition without leaving the page. ThirstyAffiliates also offers geolocation redirects, displaying different destinations based on visitors’ locations.

3. PrettyLinks: Create & Track Affiliate Links Effortlessly

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

Tautan Cantik is another popular WordPress affiliate plugin that turns long and complicated affiliate links into easy-to-remember ones. This simplification makes a bigger impact on your visitors. It is user-friendly and compatible with responsive WordPress themes, making link management a breeze.

The plugin also provides analytics, a distinctive Pretty Bar for branding, and an auto-linking feature for efficient marketing. It even supports redirects, helping manage server-side redirects and 404 errors. In a nutshell, Pretty Links is a straightforward solution to enhance your affiliate marketing on WordPress.

Bonus: More Affiliate Plugins You Can Check In 2024

Let us discover even more options to enhance your affiliate marketing strategy in 2024 with our bonus list of additional affiliate plugins. These tools can further amplify your earnings and streamline your efforts.

4. AffiliateWP

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

AfiliasiWP emerges as a premium plugin, offering a straightforward solution for efficient affiliate management. This plugin facilitates an unlimited number of affiliates and creatives, allowing for diverse promotional strategies. 

Automatic affiliate registration streamlines the onboarding process, creating accounts for users registering on your WordPress website. A notable feature allows you to set the expiration duration for referral link cookies, optimizing the tracking of referrals. In essence, AffiliateWP simplifies affiliate management, making it a valuable asset for enhancing your marketing strategy.

5. WP Affiliate Manager

WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

Another popular affiliate marketing plugin, WP Affiliate Manager provides robust features even in its free version, outshining premium plugins like AffiliateWP or Solid Affiliate. Notable features include unlimited affiliates and coupon codes. 

You get customizable registration forms, seamless integration with popular tools like WooCommerce, automated processes, and real-time reporting for monitoring affiliate activities effortlessly.

Elevate Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue With The Right Tool

You can make affiliate links yourself or set up a program, but using WordPress affiliate plugins does the job for you and boosts your earnings. Choose one of these plugins to make more money from products on your website. They also make it easier to keep track of and manage your marketing efforts. Ready to make the most of affiliate marketing? Pick the right WordPress Affiliate plugin for you and start today.

Hope you find this blog helpful to choose the right plugin for elevating your affiliate marketing strategies and revenues. To find more helpful blogs like this, berlangganan blog kami.

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