10+ Proven Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos & Get More Views

Jika Anda menghendaki promote your YouTube videos, there are some proven ways that you should explore. When it comes to videos, YouTube is the most popular platform. Videos are a proven way to make your website more exciting and engaging which is essential for any website owner. 

Promote Your YouTube Videos

3 Reasons To Promote Your YouTube Videos

Videos have the potential to create an extra appeal that engages more audiences. So promoting videos is a good way to do so. YouTube, being the most popular video-sharing platform, is widely viewed by many people across the world. Among millions of YouTube videos, you need to make your one stand out. If you have videos on YouTube, promoting those videos is important for the following reasons.

🎯 Get More Traffic To The Video

Promoting your YouTube videos can help a lot to get more traffic. Strategies that you adopt as part of your promotion process, will help grow your follower base and bring in traffic. This is useful to expand your reach and make you visible among others.

📈 Increase Audience Engagement 

Interactive YouTube videos with good-quality content have the potential to engage the customer with the products and services you provide. To grow your business, it is important to engage the audience first, and promoting YouTube videos can do the job here.

📊 Generate More Sales & Revenues

Nowadays, eCommerce websites and other business websites use videos more and more. It can be a better solution for you if your website is facing difficulties converting visitors into paying customers. Videos can better explain products than text or pictures ever could. This can also encourage the viewers to get convinced and purchase the products or services.

10+ Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos & Increase Views

Promote Your YouTube Video

If you have videos on YouTube and you want to promote those, you must implement some strategies. Here are 10+ proven ways that can be very effective in promoting YouTube videos and increasing views.

1. Optimize YouTube Videos

If you want to promote YouTube videos, a special focus should be on optimizing the videos to increase their SEO. Optimizing videos is easier as opposed to regular SEOs. YouTube has its own search algorithm and it is less complicated. Choosing the correct keywords is important here to get more organic views. When optimizing YouTube videos, the following are the most crucial ranking factors:

  • Title tags
  • Description tag
  • Tags
  • Length of Video
  • Number of subscribers earned after watching
  • Komentar
  • Reactions – Likes/dislikes

2. Drive Traffic With Facebook Ads

Needless to say, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Many people use it as a platform to promote their business. To promote your YouTube videos, Facebook Ads can be very helpful. This can grab the attention of many people within the shortest time. 

3. Connect With Email Subscribers

Promote Your YouTube Video

Another effective way that we are gonna mention to promote your YouTube videos is to connect with the subscribers. If you want to get a significant amount of views, emails will help you out. Send emails to the subscribers with an engaging newsletter describing the purpose and significance of the video. You can direct your subscribers to the video on YouTube or you may embed the video on your blog posts and direct the subscribers there as well.

4. Sharing Videos On Social Media

Social networking sites are great when it comes to promoting your YouTube videos. As people are highly active on different social media platforms, sharing videos on social media can draw attention to the videos to a greater extent. The more visible your video is to the people, the more views it is likely to get on YouTube.

5. Include More Video To The Playlist

Arranging your YouTube video playlist works great. You can add the video you want to promote to the playlist. Your regular viewers are likely to watch other videos you share. So including more videos in the playlist will help increase view counts.

6. Use Proper & Relevant Tags

The tags you use for your YouTube videos are an important ranking factor. It determines your video’s visibility. So the tags should be relevant to the video and also should not be too generic. It’s something that you need to choose wisely when you want to promote YouTube videos.

7. Improve Video Content

When the videos are educational, comprehensive, and interactive, people will enjoy watching them. They will watch more of them and recommend them to others which will raise your subscription and view counts in the future. The videos you share, no matter what the content, should add value to your audience. Your viewers should feel attached to the YouTube videos. 

8. Use The Best Thumbnail Image

Thumbnail pictures can do magic in increasing the view counts of your videos. Viewers like attractive and catchy images. Images can drive the attention of visitors instantly. Therefore a nicely crafted thumbnail video is important that you must focus on when you want to promote YouTube videos.

9. Use Pop-up Notifications

If you maintain a website and want to promote YouTube videos there, eye-catchy pop-up notifications can do a great job. Pop-up notifications are an effective way to grab the visitor’s attention and direct them to a particular link. 

So using pop-up notifications, you can drive more traffic to your YouTube videos and get more views. To add attractive pop-up notifications, you can use NotifcationX, which can help you add stunning notifications and direct visitors accordingly.

10. Promote Videos On Forums & Q/A Site

Promote Your YouTube Video

People visit different forums, and Q&A sites very often to find new content. They prefer these platforms to expand their learning and knowledge. So, such forums and Q&A sites are good places to promote YouTube videos as you get many people there. Make sure to stay relevant with the videos you share and add value to the audience. Try to let the visitors know how the viewers are gonna benefit from the videos and what they are gonna learn in an insightful way.

11. Try Using Video Cards

Kamu bisa utilize video cards, a hugely popular YouTube optimization technique, to advertise other videos on your channel within the one that is presently playing. You can create cards for different objectives. To promote more video content, and attract more channel subscribers, YouTube videos can be effective.

12. Connect With Influencers

Influencer marketing is an effective paid promotion strategy that can help you get more views for the videos. You can try to connect with the influencers and use this as a way to promote YouTube videos. Visitors tend to show more interest in clicking through the videos where they see someone they know, someone popular and influential. So this can be a useful promotion tactic to promote your YouTube videos.

Implement Effective Promotion Strategy & Get More Views

Visitors have a pleasant impression of videos with high-quality content. It’s a fantastic approach to get in touch with them. YouTube videos can be helpful in this regard because people are more likely to purchase from someone they trust. YouTube videos are a great substitute for written content to close the communication gap with your clients. 

To increase your acceptance and credibility, promote your company more and let people know about your goods and services, promoting your YouTube videos is important, and implementing the strategies will make this easier for you. 

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