[New Feature] How To Integrate YouTube With NotificationX: A Complete Guide

When it comes to improving engagement and conversions for WordPress websites, PemberitahuanX is the best solution you can have for sure. Trusted by more than 30,000 marketers worldwide, it is the perfect solution to add the right amount of social proof and credibility to your content. Now, your favorite marketing solution comes with a seamless integration with YouTube to enable you to display activity alerts on your site with ease. Dive right into this blog to learn how to integrate YouTube with NotificationX to enhance your overall marketing strategy! 🚀

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

🎉 Introducing YouTube Integration With NotificationX

Our latest release, NotificationX PRO v2.8.2, is a game changer for content creators, businesses, and website owners who want to connect with their audiences – and not just through WordPress but through the well-known video platform Youtube, as well. With this version, NotificationX has brought you a YouTube integration that can help them display their YouTube channel’s activities as popup notifications, engage their audience, and increase their online visibility significantly. 

Now, what does that mean? You can seamlessly connect YouTube with WordPress and show what’s going on your YouTube channel on your website in a popup notification that instantly drives the viewer’s attention. You can show your channel’s activities, like the latest video uploads, likes, view counts, and subscribers, within the popup alert effortlessly on your website.

But not just that, with a little tweak of the settings, you will also be able to add a button that lets viewers subscribe to your YouTube channel in just a single click. Amazing, isn’t it?  So, now is the time for you to dive deeper into our guide, add popup notifications on your website, and grow your YouTube channel and website engagement faster than ever. 

💡. How Integrating YouTube With NotificationX Can Benefit You?

Integrating YouTube with NotificationX has countless benefits for WordPress users. Check out how you can instantly accelerate your marketing campaign with this powerful c. 

Show YouTube Activity Alerts

As we have mentioned earlier, with NotificationX, you can display different YouTube activities, like new video uploads, likes, and subscribers on your website. So, from now on, you can keep your website visitors well-informed about your latest content and drive them to your channel easily. Users will enjoy a dynamic experience while visiting your website, and you can boost viewers to your videos. 

Increase YouTube Subscribers 

Moreover, this NotificationX feature lets you add a call to action button for the visitors, asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. So, it can help to encourage your website visitors to check out your channel and subscribe as well. This addition could be vital to enhance your channel’s growth faster. 

Boost Your Video Views 

We know how hard you need to work on promoting your videos and getting the expected views. From now on, you will be able to link your videos in popup notifications, prompting your website visitors to click and watch, which can significantly increase your video view count as well.

Add Social Proof & FOMO Strategy 

When you start showing notifications of your YouTube Channel’s likes, views, and subscriptions on your website, it can provide social proof of its popularity and credibility. Besides, this can create a sense of FOMO among website visitors, which will lead your website visitors to check out your YouTube content and engage with it.

Add Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

With the YouTube integration with NotificationX, you can now include call-to-action buttons in your notifications to direct visitors to any specific video or your YouTube channel. This can help you drive website traffic to your YouTube content, which will help you to grow your channel. 

Improve Your SEO Signals 

While there could be 100 other factors that you need to meet to rank on search engine result pages, user engagement can boost your chance. Adding the YouTube activities alert can help you engage your visitors with your website and reduce your bounce rate. This will help you to outrank your competitors and get a higher ranking on search engine result pages.

📖 Complete Guide: How To Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

NotificationX helps to integrate YouTube with WordPress to showcase your YouTube channel activities on your WordPress website. Dive into this tutorial to start showcasing your YouTube channel. However, before you start, you need to retrieve the YouTube API key. Check out this documentation to learn how to get the YouTube API key to configure YouTube with NotificationX. 

Also, as the YouTube integration feature is a premium feature, ensure you have the free and PRO version of NotificationX installed and activated on your website before following this guide.

How To Configure YouTube API Key With NotificationX?

Once you have installed NotificationX free and PRO on your website and have the API key, you have to configure the API key with NotificationX. Follow these easy steps to configure it. 

Step 1: Navigate To WordPress Dashboard

First of all, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to ‘NotificationX’ and then the ‘Settings’ tab. Now, head over to the ‘API Integrations’ option and scroll down to the  ‘YouTube Settings’ bagian. 

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

Step 2: Paste The YouTube API Key

Now, all you need to do is paste the YouTube API key that you collected earlier in the ‘kunci API’ field and then click on the ‘Validate’ button. That’s it.

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

How To Set Up YouTube Activity Popups With NotificationX?

Once you have completed the previous steps successfully, you have to create the YouTube activity popup with NotificationX. So, dive into the following steps to complete the process. 

Langkah 1: Buat Notifikasi Baru

Click on the ‘Tambah baru’ tab and select ‘Video’ as the Notification Type. After that,  choose YouTube as the Source and click on the ‘Lanjut' tombol.

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

Step 2: Choose Your Design Theme

Now, go to the 'Rancangan' tab and choose any ready themes you want. If you want to customize the appearance of the popup, head over to the enable ‘Advanced Design’ option. Hit the 'Lanjut' button when you are done.

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

Step 3: Customize Content & Configure Links

Pergi ke 'Kandungan' section, add the YouTube Channel ID or Username, and personalize the notification content as you want. Navigate to the ‘Link Options’, select the ‘Link Type’, and check the ‘Enable button with link’ if you want. 

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

Step 4: Configure Display Settings

Now, go to the 'Tampilan' tab and configure what you want to display as the image on the popup notification. Then choose the ‘Visibilitas’ settings from there as you want.

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

Step 5: Customize Appearance & Configure Timing

Afterward, go to the ‘Sesuaikan’ tab and configure your popup alert position from the  'Penampilan' section. Then, set the timings for the notification as you want before clicking on the 'Menerbitkan' tombol.

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

Check Out The Final Outcome

Once you have successfully completed all the previous steps, here is how your YouTube activities popup will look like on your website. If you want to learn more about how to integrate YouTube with NotificationX, you can lihat dokumentasi ini or reach out to our support team untuk bantuan selanjutnya.

Integrate YouTube With NotificationX

Showcase YouTube Channel Activity & Accelerate Your Content Marketing Strategy 

NotificationX helps to accelerate your marketing efforts by integrating your WordPress website with different marketing channels. Now that you can integrate YouTube with NotificationX, you can showcase your YouTube channel activity and grow your channel faster. So, don’t wait anymore. Go and try out this amazing feature and accelerate your content marketing strategy. 

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